Hardware Engineer / 硬件工程师_AS

  • Jinan, Shandong, China
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Bosch Automotive Steering (Jinan) Co., Ltd.

Company Description

Bosch Automotive Steering (Jinan) Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bosch Group. Its predecessor is ZF Commercial Vehicle Steering (Shandong) Co., Ltd., established in October 2005, provides Chinese business partners with a full portfolio of steering system for commercial vehicles. Currently, the company has completed the construction of phase II-workshop, R&D center and the vehicle testing ground.

Servocom series hydraulic ball & nut steering gears are the main products of the company. Servocom is designed with features of modularization, high pressure and high level of standardization. Compared with competitors, these features bring benefits such as less energy consumption, wide range of application. Meanwhile, the output torque of unit mass is increased through light-weight design and the payload is increased accordingly. Also, the maintenance-free of Servocom leads to the reduction of life cycle cost. Servocom has been owned more than 1 million units in China and applied by all major Chinese commercial vehicle OEMs. Currently,ServoSino8198 which developed by our company has been launched on the market. Servotwin which makes automated driving come true has also been introduced into China market. Besides, our company is dedicated to promote Robust System to reduce failure rate and fulfill the requirement of customer for the modular management.



Job Description


- Create something new: Bring your ideas to the next generation of commercial vehicle steering systems for electrified and highly automated driving in an interdisciplinary team
- 创新:与跨学科团队一起将您的想法融入新一代电动化并支持高级自动驾驶的商用车转向系统中
- Shaping the future: You develop new hardware components and coordinate the system integration of electrical and electronic (E/E) hardware in electronic commercial vehicle steering systems
- 塑造未来:您负责开发新的硬件,并协调电气化商用车转向系统中电气电子(E/E)硬件的系统集成
- Structured assessment: In compliance with OEM requirements and standards, you create requirement specification as well as test specifications for electronic components
- 结构化评估:您负责根据 OEM 要求和相关标准创建电子零部件相关技术规范以及测试规范
- Taking responsibility: In a cross-functional team, you make your contribution to the big picture
- 承担责任:与跨职能团队一同,为我们的共同目标和蓝图做出您的贡献
- Using creativity and freedom: Shape the technology of the future and experience your ideas from the concept phase to the real implementation
- 富于创造和自由发挥:塑造未来技术,将您的想法从概念阶段推进到具体实施
- Reliable implementation: Innovative hardware and sensor concepts are required for future E/E architectures or EPS steering systems
- 可靠的应用:未来的 E/E 架构或 EPS 转向系统需要创新性的硬件和传感器方案
- Think holistically: You accompany the entire product development process from conception to system integration and from acquisition to series production support
- 整体思考:从构思到系统集成,从项目获取到批量生产支持,您将参与到产品开发的整个过程中
- Experience cooperation: In an international network, you will regularly exchange ideas with colleagues from various functions and organizational units
- 经历合作:在国际合作网络中,您将定期与各职能部门和组织的同事交流想法
- Where required, give assistance to other engineers or supervisor in department
- 在需要时,协助部门的其他工程师及主管安排的其它任务


Qualifications & Requirements

- Education: Bachelor or above degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics or other similar subject with focus on electronics development
- 学历:电气工程,机电一体化专业或其他以电子开发为主的相关专业本科或以上学历
- Personality: You are able to work in a team, assertive, responsible, forward-thinking and confident
- 个性:您能够很好地在团队中工作,执行力强,具有责任意识、前瞻思维和自信的品质
- Working style: You are independent, analytical, responsible and structured
- 工作方式:独立、善于逻辑思考、有担当、良好的组织能力
- Experience and know-how: You have professional experience in the field of automotive electronics development. Motor, sensor and ECU related experience preferred
- 经验和专业知识: 您在汽车电子开发领域拥有专业经验。具备电机,传感器和ECU相关经验更佳
- Qualification: Knowledge of signal and power electronics design and functional safety (ISO 26262)
- 资质:了解信号和电力电子设计以及功能安全(ISO 26262)
- Enthusiasm: an indispensable prerequisite
- 热情:必不可少的前提条件

Skills 技能
- Excellent communication skills in English and Mandarin both written and verbal
- 优秀的英语及普通话书面及口语交流技能
- Knowledge of German language desirable
- 具有德语能力者更佳
- Strong interpersonal skills, flexible, resilient, team oriented and responsible. with an ability to work in a diverse team
- 有很强的人际交往能力,灵活有弹性,团队导向并承担责任。能在多样化团队中工作
- Ability to work and deliver under pressure at the customer’s site
- 能够在客户现场压力下工作
- Ability to follow established procedures, practices and instructions
- 能够遵循既定的程序,惯例和指示
- Excellent computer skills in MS office incl. Word, Excel, PowerPoint
- 良好的计算机及办公软件(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 应用能力

Additional Information


  • Good health.
  • Good professional ethics.
  • Strong sense of confidentiality.
  • Care about details and precision.
  • Self-motivated and able to work under pressure.
  • Able to work overtime if necessary.
  • Hold positive attitude whenever facing different opinions or other problems and take necessary actions to facilitate solutions.
  • Willingness to travel.
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