Sanitation Technician-2nd Shift

  • 25820 US-2, Sandpoint, ID 83864, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Thorne is a health and technology company that is disrupting prevention and wellness. By combining dietary and lifestyle recommendations with nutritional supplement intervention, Thorne is at the forefront of personalized health, with a mission to help consumers take control of their health and live a healthy life. Thorne provides at-home biomarker tests to bring the doctor to the consumer’s home. By leveraging its sophisticated analytical software, Thorne helps consumers uncover health insights and confidently take action to optimize health outcomes. Based on individual test results, Thorne’s technology and team can deliver a personalized plan on what to eat, how to exercise, and which Thorne supplements to take.

Thorne is the only supplement manufacturer to collaborate with Mayo Clinic on wellness research and content, and is the proud partner of a number of U.S. National Teams, including U.S. Soccer, USA Hockey, and USA Triathlon. Thorne is one of the fastest growing supplement companies, and is rated the top practitioner-dispensed brand among 30-40 year-olds. For more information visit 

Job Description


The Sanitation Technician follows Production Department procedures and performs specific duties based on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for the Production Department. Performs a wide variety of duties in the production, assembly and cleaning of production machine parts and manufacturing suites. Duties may include material inventory, machine operation, assembly/disassembly process and recognition of quality control processes in place.


· Employee becomes knowledgeable of the applicable provisions of the Production Department’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and follows them. Employee remains knowledgeable on an ongoing and timely basis as changes in the SOPs and GMPs occur.

· Employee is at work as scheduled, starts work at the beginning of a shift, is on time to meetings, completes assigned tasks in a timely manner, and works overtime as required.

· Employee knows and follows the Production Department policies and procedures and Thorne Research policies and procedures as outline in the Employee Handbook.

· Employee willingly works in the different production areas as assigned.

· Employee gets along with co-workers and supervisors. Employee responds appropriately to criticism and instructions for leads and/or supervisors. Employee follows the Standards of Conduct as outlined in the lates version of the Thorne Research Employee Handbook.

· Establishes and/or adjusts work assignments to meet production schedules.

· Assists Production Operators with run procedures (i.e., end line clearance, beginning line clearance, cleans, removal of machine parts and reassembly of machine(s) or line equipment) as needed.

· After proper training and certification, operates machinery related to all production needs

· Adheres to internal safety policies, including use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

· Completes cleaning tasks in a timely manner and keeps work area in a neat and efficient manner.

· Takes initiative to ensure production areas and the warehouse meet Thorne Research’s standard of cleanliness.

· Operates cleaning machinery (high pressure washer, foamer and floor machine, etc.) after proper training as required by area and assigned by a supervisor.

· Other duties as assigned

· Promote an accountable, innovative, and results-oriented culture promoting openness, teamwork, mutual trust, and respect.

· Seek formal and informal performance assessments of self, including performance versus expectations and goals, behaviors, and leadership potential.

· Actively participate in required training and development programs and electives as suits one’s needs, and support colleagues, trainers, and management as appropriate with these efforts.

· Promote the Company’s Mission and Values, including an accountable, innovative, and results-oriented culture that promotes customer service, openness, teamwork, mutual trust, and respect.


Experience and/or Education: By training, education and/or experience, employee must be able to perform the essential duties of the job. High school diploma or general education degree (GED) is preferred.

Language Ability: Employee is able to read and understand written directions in English, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Work Instructions, Forms and the Thorne Research Employee Handbook. Employee follows instructions closely, both verbal and written, and communicates effectively with supervisors and fellow employees.

Math Ability: Employee has the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in the units of measurement used in the Production Department, using whole numbers and decimals (for example, grams).

Reasoning Ability: During disassembly and assembly of machines, employee is able to discern that the parts and tools are the correct ones for the tasks at hand.

Computer and Technical Skills: Employee can use a hand calculator to perform basic math calculations to complete records accurately. Develop and deliver on assigned objectives within requested timeframes.

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