Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

  • Summerville, SC
  • Full-time

Company Description

Thorne is a personalized health solutions company dedicated to improving individual outcomes through science and technology. For over 30 years, Thorne has led the nutritional supplement industry in providing researched-based, high-quality natural products, including foundational vitamins and minerals, therapeutic-focused nutritional supplements, and NSF Certified for Sport products. By leveraging cutting-edge research and personalized data through affiliate WellnessFX, Thorne offers customized preventive health solutions for practitioners, their patients, and athletes.

Job Description

The Environmental Health and Safety Specialist will develop and manage the Company’s environmental health and safety programs and activities to assist in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements. The position will be responsible for developing and implementing safety programs, policies, training, and procedures that promote a robust and proactive safety culture and the maintenance of a healthy work environment. The position serves as an advisor in the development and execution of consistent safety and environmental management programs.


· Lead the development of environmental health and safety goals and objectives at the position location.

· Serve on the Company’s Employee Health and Safety Committee at the position location. Schedule regular meetings of the Committee, prepare the meeting agendas, and circulate the meeting’s minutes.

· Drive and promote a “zero incident” culture.

· Complete internal safety audits on a regular basis to detect existing or potential risks and hazards and ensure recommended corrective or preventive measures are completed in a timely manner.

· Ensure contractors and subcontractors are implementing effective safety processes that comply with local, state, and federal requirements.

· Develop and conduct safety training for employees at the position location, and for contractors and subcontractors as needed.

· Organize and manage teams to identify and implement safety improvements.

· Prepare and submit required environmental health and safety regulatory reporting.

· Ensure required safety data sheets are completed on substances utilized at the position location.

· Lead emergency response team to ensure appropriate training in emergency response, spill response, disaster preparedness, and crisis management. Ensure drills are conducted and equipment is in a ready state.

· Participate in onboarding of new employees to ensure new employees understand the safety requirements at the position location.

· Have the ability to conduct OSHA-acceptable fit testing for respiratory usage or coordinate fit testing by a third party.

· Have the ability to conduct ergonomic assessments and train employees on proper body mechanics.

· Perform root cause analysis on incidents and injuries to ensure corrective actions are put in place to avoid future incidents.

· With the General Counsel, manage interaction with state and federal health and safety agencies.

· Maintain safety files and records.

· Coordinate required environmental testing and maintain required records.

· Promote an accountable, innovative, and results-oriented culture promoting openness, teamwork, mutual trust, and respect.

· Seek formal and informal performance assessments, including performance versus expectations and goals, behaviors, and leadership potential.

· Actively participate in required training and development programs and electives as suits one’s needs, and support colleagues, trainers, and management as appropriate with these efforts.

· Promote the Company’s Mission and Values, including an accountable, innovative, and results-oriented culture that promotes customer service, openness, teamwork, mutual trust, and respect.

· Other duties as assigned.


· Bachelor’s degree in occupational safety, industrial hygiene, engineering, or a similarly relevant degree program, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

· 3-5 years of environmental health and safety experience in a manufacturing environment.

· Experience interacting with the South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

· CPR/AED/First Aid certifications preferred.

· Experience implementing Behavior Based Safety Observation systems preferred.

· Ability to influence others to perform the essential duties of the positions safely and to report unsafe conditions.

· Possess strong analytical skills relating to Root Cause Analysis and Risk Analysis.

· Develop and deliver on assigned objectives within requested timeframes.

· Build, develop, motivate, and engage highly performing teams and work cross-functionally.

· Possess good interpersonal skills.

· Engage others in a positive manner.

· Possess strong attention to detail.

· Possess strong verbal and communication skills.

· Be willing to raise issues and concerns promptly.

· Document and present work in a clear and concise manner.

· Work independently with minimal direction and oversight.

· Possess knowledge of the hardware and software required to perform the Responsibilities of the position.

· Be available to work evenings and/or weekends if an incident occurs at the position location that requires the onsite presence of the Environmental Health and Safety Specialist.

· Possess good working knowledge of industrial hygiene, chemical management, and environmental health and safety program requirements and management.

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