Program Manager - Manufacturing Engineer

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  • Full-time

Company Description

System Canada resources have a broad range of skills in different technologies. The large skill-set has been made possible by a conscious focus on strengthening our skills base. Every person selected for our team brings something new, something that adds to our offerings. We learn continuously, both on the job and through formal training programs.

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System Canada is an equal opportunity employer.

Job Description

Scope Description and Definition


The Program Manager -  Manufacturing Engineer

·         Create work gauge plans, tool lists, fixture drawings and OPL's

·         Layout the line, material, and tool presentation

·         Develop any required installation drawings for tool relocation or changes

·         Specify and order new equipment / tooling using SOW - CAR - SAP process

·         Provide information to supporting groups

·         Purchase equipment / tools for program

·         Utilize and update existing work standards and work instructions. This will be done using Team Center and Pro Planner


 Services or Detailed Task/Work Requirements


·         Maintain EEM checklist for each step of the process

·         Work with quality to ensure control plans  are created and completed

·         Purchase, calibrate and install all torque tools per plant specifications

·         Coordinate the installation and startup of all utilities required to support the project

·         All lifting equipment to be purchased and installed

·         Specify and purchase all logistic delivery solutions

·         Purchase and install all fixtures

·         Purchase all non-torque hand tools

·         Work with logistics on specification to purchase part bins

·         Work with logistics on labeling parts and bin

·         Work with logistics on timing and delivery of finished subassembly to plant

·         Work with logistics on part delivery and adequate quantities to plant of recurring basis

·         Develop and purchase returnable transport carts for damage free subassemblies to be delivered to plant

·         Update and document the material flow routes as per the revised process

·         Populate PFEP form for logistics group

·         Train operators

·         Maintain work output

·         Resolve part shortage issues / material delivery issues

·         Setup and coordinate with logistics subassembly delivery to the line

·         Coordinate with IT to provide ALSTAR build ticket information and print outs (FAX) 

a)   Other Responsibilities.  The Manufacturing Engineer also will assume responsibility for:

·         Coordinate with line supervisors and Manufacturing Engineers for all aspects of project station by station

b)   Description of the Manufacturing Engineer’s Role:  Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for

·         Manufacturing Engineer monitors critical success factors, provides support to the operations to ensure CNH as well as WCM standards are met, monitors compliance to program requirements, manages the recruiting team, identifies process improvements, and ensures consistent services and best practices.

c)   Volume:

·         Support current plant production volumes of subassemblies (mixed models)