Online Data Research Analyst | Year 1 OTE $54,000-$108,000+ | 100% Remote

  • Part-time

Company Description

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IT Pros is a 100% commission-based environment where you are paid once a company either engages with our recruitment service and/or when a successful hire is made through our service.


  • Founded in 2011
  • 100% USA-Remote
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Culture: Entrepreneurial / Fast-paced / Performance-Driven
  • Clients: Emerging Startups, VC-backed Startups, Private Equity Owned Companies, Privately-Held Companies, Family-Owned Companies, Public Companies, IT Services Companies, and Consulting Companies

On Target Earnings (OTE) based on a $30,000 fee:

  • 12 hires per year = $54,000
  • 24 hires per year = $108,000
  • 36 hires per year = $162,000
  • 48 hires per year = $216,000

Benefits & Perks:

 100% Global Remote for Data Roles

 100% Uncapped Commissioned Environment

 Flexible Work Schedule

 25+ Hour Work Week

 Company-Paid Tools

 Continuous Learning

 Direct Client Access

 Entrepreneurial Environment

 Plus More…

Awards: Best IT Recruitment Agency - Philadelphia, US Business News | Best Technology Staffing Recruitment Agency - Philadelphia, by CV Magazine | Best Employment Agency - Philadelphia, by Philadelphia Award Program | Largest Business Networking Association - Philadelphia, by Philadelphia Business Journal | 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs - USA, by FlexJobs.

Job Description

Join us as a Data Research Analyst responsible for collecting data on targeted companies and (ex) employees in matching them to compatible client and prospective client job opportunities.


  • Tracking Tech Stacks + Organizational Structure
  • Tracking Employee + Department Headcounts
  • Tracking Pre/Post-Employee Departures
  • Talent + Skills Mapping + Matching


Successful Data Research Analysts will have professional Boolean Search + Boolean Logic + Semantic Search experience.


  • Professional experience with the following: Phrase search, Advanced search filters, Wildcard search, Proximity search, Natural language search, Search engine advanced syntax

  • Ability to work in a 100% commission-based performance-driven environment

  • Ability to produce 100+ profiles per week

Additional Information

A human will review your application and make a decision ASAP. Thank you for your patience and interest.

Interview Process:

  • Round 1️⃣ = Video Interview w/ Brad
  • Round 2️⃣ = Take-Home Assessment
  • Round 3️⃣ = Final Video Interview w/ Team + Decision


Sourcer, Recruiter, Data Research, Data Analyst, Online Researcher