Material Handler/Forklift Operator

  • Full-time

Company Description


RAWABI Holding Company

Operating in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for over 30 years as one of the leading industrial players in the region and has activities in construction & engineering, oil & gas, petrochemical, utilities, power & electrical, telecommunication & IT, trading, and manufacturing. RAWABI Holding Company comprises various subsidiaries and several associated companies.




Job Description

Job Purpose

    The main purpose of the Material Handler - Electrical’s job is to plan & arrange the materials


    Receive materials requirements (part of production file) as given in BOM.
    Plan materials needs at each cell against production plan.
    Observe and arrange materials availability (standard stock / Consumables / Order bound) with store.
    Notify materials shortage and arrange fulfillment with store.
    Coordinate with work cells staff for materials shortage arising from wrong BOM or issuance. Notify same to store and PMT and production Engineer.
    Arrange Advance materials take-off against BOM.
    Receive materials pertaining to Electrical section, from store and Mechanical section.
    Tag materials with Project reference.
    Keep materials at assigned locations (e.g. racks; Consumables bins/work cells; trolleys) and issue at right time.
    Ensure materials are kept in safe and proper manner (e.g. finished; semi-finished; Raw materials, bulk structure; customer free issued materials  ... etc.) while observing Safety and work place tidiness.
    Receive outside processed materials and arrange with QC and store to make official materials receipt.
    Tag and Issue materials to work cell/centers and ensure materials availability at concerned cell.
    Obtain materials receiver (technician) sign on transmittal evidencing receipt at work cell.
    Continuously update materials status (issuance; shortage; broken/Damaged; Excess  ... etc.) to concerned staff at store; PMT; Production engineers.
    Officially Report materials damaged at work cells, to store and production engineer, Production unit head.
    Carry physical materials (inventory) count (issued; stock; finished assemblies). Report same on monthly basis to:  
            1.    To Store for stock, excess, and damaged ones.
            2.    To PMT: report Ready, delivered/Undelivered, damaged, excess materials.
    Notify finished materials/products to QC and inform PMT.
    Notify Production engineer of materials readiness for Packing after QC and Customer releases.
    Arrange and plan materials dispatch with PMT.
    Hand over delivery notes to PMT.
    Update materials status (finished and/or in process/ need rework) to Production Planner on daily basis.
    Follow all safety instructions.
    Follows all applicable procedures and work instructions.
    Performs other task that may be assigned (only if trained on the task).
    Performs miscellaneous tasks as assigned by his/her direct manager

Communications and Working Relationships

    Perform the above responsibilities.

HSE Responsibilities

    Complies with established health and safety guidelines and procedures and ensures the health, safety and welfare of self and others
    Identifies and reports to management any Health, Safety or Environmental risks and makes suggestions to address these risks and co-operate with his/her supervisor’s instructions.


Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Qualifications

    Trade certificate in Electrical.
    Ability to read and understand BOMs.
    More than 1 year experience in Electrical Panel Board manufacturing company.
    Good communication skill in English.
    Shall be industrious and adaptable to different job requirements.
    Familiar to computer basic functions like MS office.

Additional Information

All your personal information will be kept confidential.

P.O  Box 79800
Dammam-Alkhobar, 31952
Saudi Arabia