H2S Specialist -Local Transfer KSA

  • Prince Saad Street, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  • Full-time

Company Description

RAWABI Holding Company

Operating in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for over 30 years as one of the leading industrial players in the region and has activities in construction & engineering, oil & gas, petrochemical, utilities, power & electrical, telecommunication & IT, trading, and manufacturing. RAWABI Holding Company comprises various subsidiaries and several associated companies.

Job Description

  1. Plans, organizes. Required activities with on-site client representative(s) well operations.  Including: identifying and implementing client & company site specific requirements; obtains consensus for the planning and implementing of contingencies, drills and required daily work activities; coordinates and accounts for the deployment of company personnel and equipment; handles access and egress to location for the specific reality of knowing where everybody is; inspects & tests plans, equipment & systems ongoing to ensure required response quality.

  2. Installs, operates, maintains & dismantles (deploys) various safety equipment.  various safety equipment, Including: loading/unloading and transporting equipment to the worksite; strategically places required equipment for rapid response (positioned appropriately) including: cascade systems, air lines, manifolds, breathing apparatuses, all types of gas detection systems, barriers, signs and safe briefing areas. To strictly follow ERP / contingency plan while Rig ups and any other special instructions from the client must reported and signed on the daily report ( handover Rig up report copy to the reliever )

  3. Operates and Ensures function, operational readiness of various equipment and testing systems to ensure response quality.  Including: breathing apparatuses, cascade systems, electronic and tube type gas detectors & systems, various small hand tools.

  4. Protects, maintains company equipment: routinely by inspecting and testing a minimum of twice per shift.  Including: following maintenance standards, evaluating equipment condition, keeping accurate documentation, function testing equipment, performing disassembly, reassembly, cleaning, disinfecting in accordance with company procedure.

  5. Problem solves.  Including: identifying, assessing and correcting problems; keeping accurate documentation; preventing problem reoccurrence; trouble shooting equipment; solving problems within personal limitations.

  6. Communicates effectively.  Including: completing required reports and forms (accurately and timely); follows procedures and directions; exercising listening and speaking skills.

  7. Exercises interpersonal skills.  Including: leading others and representing the company; supervising and training company and client personnel; interacting with client representatives, crews, co-workers; tolerating and negotiating diplomatically with others; dealing with and analysing situations.

    Works safely. Understanding and implementing company and client policies and procedures, industry practices, & emergency response plans. Promoting onsite safety. Conducting inspections, site hazard assessments and onsite

  8. meetings. Wearing required PPE, both on duty / off duty specialist have to don SCBA in case of H2S release / H2S drill. To ensure safe driving practices as per SOP and report any negligence i.e. over speeding, traffic violation, misbehaviour immediately to the Operations coordinator

    Conducts OJTs: Individuals assigned should be thoroughly trained (transfer of knowledge) in the practical aspects of the Specialists’ job-training to be documented


  1. Communicate effectively with clients & co-workers and with operation team

  2. Respond to a H2S release and execute emergency rescue

  3.  Routine maintenance of company equipments and trouble shooting

  4. Exercises inter personal skills

  5. Plans and controls onsite activities with client as per Site specific ERP plans  

  6. Actively Participates in Tool box/Pre-Job Meetings

  7. Visitor / Crew & Service Personnel Response Strategy (Well site Briefing / Lease orientation)

  8. Keep track of and maintain up-to-date inventory of onsite equipment

  9. Inspecting, evaluating, documenting, function testing, cleaning, troubleshooting assigned equipment as per Company (SOP) and manufacturer  procedures

  10. Complete daily reports and other paperwork

  11. Performs onsite hazard/risk assessments & assist on JSA

  12. New hire on the job training & development as required

  13. Meets/exceeds Company & customer expectations

  14. Achieves and promotes maximum company standards


Primary Responsibility – Provide onsite H2S Safety Supervision complimenting respective drilling operations. Maintain and monitor all H2S equipment


    • Nationalization new hire programs and training modules
    • General Safety Training:
      • Regulations, Hazards Identification/Assessment/Control, MSDS, Work Permit, JSA, Housekeeping, LO/TO, & Compressed Gas Cylinders Safety
  • Qualified in a variety of drilling operations (i.e. Onshore, Offshore site supervision , Equipments Service Jobs , Work over/Completion, Under balance, DST, Coring, Snubbing, etc)

  • Breathing air & Gas Detection system theory & application

    • Onshore & Offshore documentations (i.e. Job & compressor checklist, timesheet, daily summary sheet, equipment inspection, training, audits and performance evaluations etc)
    • Operational QA/QC & Incident/Accident Reporting & Procedures
    • OJT systems and applications
  • Full Understanding of the Rig components and their function overview

  • Petex rotary drilling course (onshore/offshore)

  • H2S emergency response systems, theory, planning and activation

  • Offshore Helicopter Briefing ( HUET course )

  • Offshore process and control (orientation)

  • Offshore supervisor checklists, audits and performance evaluations  

  • SIMOPs/Support Operations, TDG/WHIMS

Leadership/Management skills & Effective Communications

Additional Information

All your personal information will be kept confidential.

P.O  Box 79800
Dammam-Alkhobar, 31952
Saudi Arabia