Well Test Operator

  • Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  • Full-time

Company Description

RAWABI Holding Company

Operating in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for over 30 years as one of the leading industrial players in the region and has activities in construction & engineering, oil & gas, petrochemical, utilities, power & electrical, telecommunication & IT, trading, and manufacturing. RAWABI Holding Company comprises various subsidiaries and several associated companies.

Job Description

Overall Purpose of the Job:

(State briefly why the job exists)

Assists during all phases of the rigging up and down of well test equipment on work locations for the purpose of providing services during the well testing and clean up phase of a well. This is an intermediate, progressing role that requires development of advanced knowledge of operations and equipment. The job develops increasing competencies in well test operations and services and routinely works in more than one type of well site as assigned by the Supervisor.

Principal Accountabilities:

(Describe the important end results of the job, i.e., what has to be achieved and why. Start with the most important and number each one separately))

1. Ensures a safe and healthy environment at the worksite through the effective application of the Company's HSEQ systems.

2. Completion of all HSEQC and Operational Documentation required to be completed during and after each Well test operation and delivering the same to the Well Test Operations Manager for his review.

3. Performs cleaning, operational testing and pressure testing of equipment during the pre-job procedures

3. Prepares and packing ancillary equipment to be used for the job

4. Performs pre/post job equipment inspections

5. Performs and completes ongoing and preventative maintenance procedures 

6. Assembles and prepares equipment for installation and service

7. Completes tasks as directed in the clean-up and preparation for the next job

8. Ensures completion of all required documentation relating to equipment and personnel in the course of the operations performed.

9. To ensure professional and helpful attitude towards all customer representatives and crew.

10. Assists in training junior operators with instructions and guidance from supervisor in how to train.

11. Attend and participate in all pre job safety meetings


(Show job titles and under c), indicate briefly the purpose of each job))

a) Immediate Supervisor(s) Line: General Manager

 Function: Well Test Supervisor (can be delegated to Senior Operator for Shift)

b) Other jobs reporting to the same supervisor: Assistant Operator – Senior Operator 

c) Immediate Subordinates: None


(Record any significant quantities on which job has some effect, e.g. budget or turnover, records processed, employees supervised. Where appropriate, express annual figures and indicate the year to which they relate.

Job tasks competently performed impact on job profitability and errors are easily measurable and can be confined.

Job Context and Main Activities:

(Outline the context in which the job operates and record the types of activity involved in achieving principal accountabilities:

Safety and Service Quality:

The position is responsible for delivering safety and service quality at the worksite. The position must actively monitor the ongoing activities to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained. Where risks are identified the position must ensure that these risks are addressed. Duties include:

Ensuring that employees, contractors and visitors are aware of relevant HSEQ procedures and standards including risk assessment and worksite inspections

Ensuring adequate instruction and supervision to ensure that work is conducted without harm to people or the environment 

Establishing that all equipment, plant and substances used are suitable for the task and are kept in good working condition

Assist in taking immediate and appropriate steps to investigate and address any risks to people or the environment arising from the work activity

Ensuring that all incidents are properly recorded and reported and that an investigation is carried out to establish and rectify root causes

Bringing to the prompt attention of senior management any HSEQ issues that require attention (regardless of client pressures)

Ensuring that quality of service is of a high standard and that all required performance improvement reports are completed after each job 

Customer Care

Ensuring that operations are delivered to meet client expectations and objectives

Complying with the agreed programme, delivering contractual requirements and meeting agreed performance levels.

Being proactive in highlighting areas for improvement and supporting the client with lessons learned


Effectively work as part of a team

Effectively managing personnel to deliver project activities

Completing required Personal Assessments and receiving post job feedback from the Supervisor


Ensuring completion of end of operation job tickets/time sheets with customer approval

Ensuring company owned equipment is looked after and third party equipment is returned to base after use

Notifying the Operations Supervisor / Manager of items damaged and documenting these events

Business Development:

Seeking opportunities to assist the customer and to provide additional Rawabi - Cetco Services

Decision making Authority/Level of Supervision Required:

Job is structured through established guidelines governing the job duties and provides assistance to others as directed. Direct supervision by Senior Operator or Supervisor is required unless otherwise agreed with them due to demonstrated competence. 


(Who are the job holder’s most important contacts and for what purpose? Consider both external and internal contacts, excluding immediate supervisor and subordinates, but including personnel at other locations , if appropriate)

Customer Representative – to ensure delivery of service meets expectations and to develop business

Offshore crew members – Interaction, support, organisation and supervision

Well Test Supervisor – for operational management and administrative issues

Job Challenges:

(Identify the most complex or demanding aspects of the job)

Effectively performing the tasks to meet individual, client and Company expectations

Ability to work under pressure with differing priorities

Working environment changing due to weather, and / or well conditions

Operating in a remote and potentially hostile environment location

Ability to work at height


Job Knowledge and Qualifications:

(Indicate minimum knowledge, essential background qualifications, education, and experience necessary to perform the job competently)

Completion of primary/high school or equivalent experience

Completion of training requirements established by global or local management

Completion of Junior Operator Competence Units

Ability to perform more advanced mathematical calculations

Basic reading comprehension, writing skills and calculator skills required

Basic computer skills including MS Office


(Technical skills, Specialized Training or Defined Competencies as outlined in Rawabi – Cetco Competence & Training System)

Participate in and complete Rawabi – CETCO competency programme

Health and Safety:

Please highlight if the role is a Safety Critical Position as per the following definition:

A role is defined as Safety Critical where Employees, through any improper use of substances (as defined by the Substance Abuse Policy) may affect the health and safety of themselves and/or their colleagues in their work area.

Safety Critical Role – Yes

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