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Company Description

Buildit @ Wipro Digital is a global technology consultancy and part of Wipro Digital and the wider Wipro Organisation. As consultants, we are technology agnostic, we advise, we don’t advocate. We love demanding challenges and getting to the root of the problem, whatever it may be. “Digital” can be both ambiguous and all encompassing with aspects of Engineering, Design, and Delivery. Technology centric but much more than just technologists, our agenda is delivering success for our customers.

Why us?

We value transparency, curiosity, inclusivity and getting stuff done. Our people are at the core of this process. Trust in our people underpins everything we do. We also help our clients on their transformation journey and through that process we are helping to transform the company we work for as well. We are helping to create new business model: a new technology consulting 

Job Description

We are looking for people who want to help us change the way companies think and approach problems; people who want to teach and learn from others; we are looking for people who want to be treated like adults.

We are looking for people who want to work in cross-functional teams, and want to help others learn how to build them, and why they're valuable; people with a grasp of a variety of technologies, languages, and methodologies, along with their pros and cons.

Please, note that this role requires up to 60% travel within the US.

What you'll do

  • Lead large-scale, end-to-end digital transformations, using the Agile Manifesto as your guiding principle and building real solutions through experimentation.
  • Enable clients to adapt to changing needs, improve their time to live, and deliver better software.
  • Identify, apply and improve appropriate methodologies and techniques, with sensitivity for a clients’ culture and operating environment.
  • Build high-caliber, multi-faceted teams and give them space and trust to do what they do best. 
  • Develop strong relationships with clients - build trust based on transparency and delivery excellence.
  • Put in place the appropriate governance structures and supporting information channels that address the needs of all the project stakeholders, managing their expectations and dealing with the escalation and resolution of issues.
  • Explore up-and-coming technologies and methodologies in the pursuit of excellence.



  • Leading agile / digital transformation.
  • Real-world experience and success with agility at scale.
  • Knowing when to talk and when to listen, when to lead and when to follow.
  • Negotiate with players at all levels and influence business leaders to prioritize agility over efficiency.
  • Evangelize and teach the success factors for implementing CI/CD.
  • Diagnose anti-patterns from both the Technology and Process sides of delivery.
  • Deep understanding of the full end-to-end SDLC.
  • Be able to handle high-pressure scenarios and difficult projects without reverting back to a command and control management style.
  • Experience with value stream delivery and improving Product time to market.
  • Share problems, as well as victories, and believe that fostering an environment of openness, transparency and fairness is the best way to keep a customer satisfied and deliver disruptive innovation.
  • Ability to speak to the risks inherit when scaling and compare and contrast different approaches.
  • Experienced in creating fail-safe, fail-fast environments where multiple experiments evolve the best solution for the end user.
  • Experienced in managing teams of teams, or setting up communities of excellence to allow for continuous improvement within specialties.
  • Proven track record of successfully delivering large programs of work, while maintaining a strong relationship with all parties.


Additional Information


We aim to provide feedback as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have any feedback on the process we would be very keen to hear it. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and refine how we work so would love to hear what your side of the story is, good or bad. Please, feel free to contact us at [email protected]


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