Platform Engineer

  • Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Full-time

Company Description

Buildit @ Wipro Digital is a global technology consultancy and part of Wipro Digital and the wider Wipro Organisation. As consultants, we are technology agnostic, we advise, we don’t advocate. We love demanding challenges and getting to the root of the problem, whatever it may be. “Digital” can be both ambiguous and all encompassing with aspects of Engineering, Design, and Delivery. Technology centric but much more than just technologists, our agenda is delivering success for our customers.


Doing things differently requires strength of character, empathy for those around you, good judgement, as well as being able to explain why to do something differently in the customer's language and at the right time.  This requires not just being able to do what good looks like but to stand in the middle of something not good and influence the outcome incrementally day to day to make it better.


Our people are at the core of this process. Trust in our people underpins everything we do. Talented, passionate, hard-working, and some of the sharpest people you will ever meet.  The best thing about working here is the people you get to work with while solving hard problems.


Why us?


We challenge the way companies approach problem solving and share a passion for solving difficult ones. We understand that success comes from a combination of changes in technology, ways of working and a customer centric approach. We love technology and understand that real change comes from showing people what is possible rather than telling them. We treat our people like adults and foster an environment where they feel empowered to succeed.

In our Edinburgh studio we are growing a unique offering and fostering a working environment that encourages collaboration, learning and delivering a product suite that both ourselves and our customer can be proud of. BuildIT @ Wipro Digital have been chosen to work in partnership with our customer to help them shape, deliver and innovate their Digital Transformation Strategy over the next three years.

Job Description

Who we are looking for:


We are looking for people who want to help us change the way companies think and approach problems; people who want to teach and learn from others; we are looking for people who want to be treated like adults.


We are looking for people who want to work in cross-functional teams, and want to help others learn how to build them, and why they're valuable; people with a grasp of a variety of technologies, languages, and methodologies, along with their pros and cons.


We are looking for Platform Engineers or DevOps Engineers who can demonstrate their passion and their craft and who want to work with others you share that same passion. You will have been involved in a robust DevOps environment previously, focusing on Continuous Deployment and Integration. Working with other Engineers to ensure that their needs are met, and the right environment is established, supported and enhanced to allow them to release their solutions with minimal delay.


What Will you be Doing?


This role is as much about Engineering as it is about planning for the future and making things as straight forward for our teams and our customers teams. From the day to day running of the Platform Engineering function to looking at new technologies to enhance and improve you will be playing a key role in the delivery of timely software that adds values to the end-user. You will have the chance to be responsible for:

  • Enabling our customers to reduce their time to deploy new solutions, deliver better quality code and be agile enough to adapt to their changing needs
  • You will build real world solutions but also have the autonomy to experiment with new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Have the chance to introduce new technologies to the team and have the chance to learn these on the job yourself
  • Work with cross functional teams, listening to their feedback and sharing your own thoughts on how best to improve


What will you bring to the role?


You will clearly bring a passion for Engineering and a desire to continually improve the environment and quality of work being produced around you. Your craft should be your passion and we want you to bring that out when you join the team here. We have created a team dynamic where we all help each other and support one another, and we would want you to bring that same attitude into this role. In addition, you should have a background that includes:

  • You will have worked in a fast-paced and forward-thinking DevOps environment previously
  • You will have an understanding of the benefits of Continuous Deployment, Integration and Delivery and how to share that knowledge with others
  • You will have worked with Engineers who have been delivering solutions across JavaScript, Angular, React, Node and Java
  • Working knowledge of a variety of the following: Jenkins, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Java, Python
  • You will have a good understanding of the secure and reliable integration between the components that deliver front and back-end applications
  • Experience in Agile and how to fit into that within customer needs, this is not a one size fits all Agile approach we have
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