[2024-2025] KIPP NYC Principal in Residence

  • Full-time
  • Start Date: Next year opening
  • Department: School Leadership

Company Description

KIPP NYC Public Schools is a non-profit network of free, public charter schools that prepares students for success in college and life. In 1995 we started our first middle school, KIPP Academy, in The Bronx. Our goal was to graduate students with the strength of character and academic abilities needed to succeed in high school, college and beyond – and in so doing, to prove what is possible for all students. Today, our New York City network is comprised of eight elementary schools, nine middle schools, one high school, and KIPP Forward, a comprehensive support program for our alumni. KIPP NYC Public Schools currently serves more than 9,350 students and alumni, has a staff of more than 1,000, and continues to grow!

Job Description

Position Overview:

The KIPP NYC Principal in Residence program is a two year, regionally-operated residency to prepare aspiring Principals in the adaptive and technical skills needed to lead a KIPP NYC school as either a successor or a founder. Successful applicants to the program will have a minimum of three years of instructional leadership experience, likely as an Assistant Principal or veteran Dean.

The PIR program operates within a set of KIPP NYC leadership development programs, all with the goal of strengthening the leadership pipeline and developing a transparent pathway to leadership. PIRs are full-time members of their residency school leadership teams and will have daily opportunities to practice the skills and competencies required to lead high-performing schools. This may require moving to a new school site for additional growth and development. 

The objectives of a Principal in Residence program are to:

  • Build regional capacity, structures, and systems to develop a healthy pipeline of aspiring school leaders 
  • Develop upcoming School Leaders to successfully lead KIPP NYC schools through on-the-job development, coaching, and formal professional development
  • Build a cohort of leaders who can learn from each other across the KIPP NYC region

Program Components:

  • Cohort: Principals-in-Residence (PIRs) will become part of a cohort of aspiring leaders from across the KIPP NYC region. This group will attend PD and school visits together and collaborate over the course of the year to support and challenge each other’s growth and development.
  • Residency: PIRs will complete a two-year residency where they are a full-time member of a school’s leadership team with responsibilities for coaching teachers and leaders and developing a strong learning environment for staff and students. PIRs will prepare to be assistant principals, successors, and/or founding school leaders for KIPP NYC.
  • Mentor Principal & PIR Coaching: Each PIR will have both a mentor principal and a PIR coach who support their growth and development. Mentor school leaders also provide the PIR access to “principal moments'' to further their understanding of the principal role.
  • Professional Development: PIRs will engage in collaborative professional development sessions to deepen their skills and leadership competencies. This formal PD will be provided by a combination of region-led and external PD providers. Additionally, PIRs are encouraged to participate in additional development activities related to their personal growth goals. Each month, there will be opportunities to opt into external PD sessions in the PIR newsletter. 
  • Development Roadmap: PIRs will receive ongoing coaching against a development plan from a mentor school leader and regional academic leader. This roadmap is grounded in Leading for Learning rubric and outlines the skills and competencies a PIR must demonstrate mastery of in order to become a school leader. 
  • Checkpoints: PIRs will be formally assessed against each of the skills in the development roadmap using the KIPP NYC PIR Assessment Toolkit, which outlines a transparent set of expectations for school leader readiness. Readiness checkpoints will also provide an opportunity for the PIR and support team to reflect on progress towards becoming a school leader.
  • Transition Plans: In the second semester of their second year in the program, PIRs will gradually decrease responsibilities in their residence and increase leadership responsibilities for their future school. For a Founder PIR, this will include completing a school launch plan. For a successor PIR, this will mean creating and executing a school transition plan. For Assistant Principals, this means creating year-long priority plans in collaboration with their assigned school leader. 
  • Retreats & Excellent School Visits: PIRs will engage in multi-day retreats each year to reflect on personal development, build leadership capacity, and learn from other experts outside of NYC. PIRs will use these retreats and visits to reflect on their development and identify/seek out opportunities to continue their growth through learning from others.

How to Apply: 

Thank you for your interest in the Principal in Residence (PIR) Program. To complete your application, please create one Google Drive Folder (make sure permissions are set so that anyone with the link can view) and upload the required components below. To be considered a complete PIR application, there must be 6 documents if you’re currently coaching staff members, and 4 documents if you’re not currently coaching staff members. Please review the instructions for each portion carefully. 

Please use the following naming conventions to save all required components:

  • Google Folder:
    • First Name Last Name / ProgramName 24-25
    • Ex: Colette Perrine / PIR24-25
  • Application Components:
    • ApplicationComponent_LastName_First Name_ProgramName_SY2425
    • Ex: CoachingVideo_Perrine_Colette_PIR_SY2425

Application Component A: Resume

1. Please upload to your Google Folder an up-to-date resume (and make sure the document has open viewing privileges) that includes all professional roles you have held, dates for each position, as well as key achievements and accomplishments. Please note: In order to be a competitive candidate for Principal in Residence, we ask that you have a minimum of three years of leadership experience in a Dean or Assistant Principal role.

Application Component B: Essay

The PIR essay focuses on the following competencies: Self-Awareness, Cultural Competence, Impact & Influence, and Continuous Learning. Please make sure you connect each competency to at least one of the two questions below.

2. Please upload to your Google Folder a document (make sure the document has open viewing privileges) with a response to each of the following questions:

  • Our strongest leaders have historically demonstrated strong skills in the following competencies: self-awareness, cultural competence, impact and influence, and continuous learning. Please speak to how you've seen these competencies play out in your leadership. (500 - 750 words)
  • Tell us your leadership story and why this is the right time for you to join the Principal in Residence program. Please include your strengths, areas for growth, and your long term goals and vision for your leadership journey. (500 - 750 words)

Applicant Component C: Student Performance Data & Reflections

The PIR data component focuses on the following competencies: Student Focus, Achievement Orientation, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, and Decision Making. Successful applicants to the KIPP NYC PIR program have demonstrated their commitment to their students and can clearly communicate their results. Please make sure you connect each focus competency to the submission.

3. Please upload to your Google Folder a document (make sure the document has open viewing privileges) to share the results you have achieved with students and provide a robust analysis of the data. As an instructional leader on your campus, please submit school-wide data and data from the subjects/grade levels you managed. Your submission should include:

  • Student performance data, assessed by both measures of growth and measures of absolute achievement, from your three most recent years of teaching and/or leading. 
    • Comparative results to your district, city, and/or state; if comparative results aren’t available, briefly explain why
    • Results disaggregated by relevant student populations (race, gender, IEP status, etc.), including comparisons to your local district, city, and/or state, where available
    • For years in which you held an instructional leadership position, data from the subjects/grades you managed
    • For years in which you were a teacher, data from your class(es)
    • Clear labels for each data set
    • Strongly encouraged: charts or graphs to illustrate your data
  • A written analysis and reflection on the data, including:
    • The name of your school and the position(s) you held during the relevant years
    • Summary of goals and outcomes
    • Historical context, analysis of trends, and lessons learned from the data
    • Reflection on your mindsets, skills and actions taken that have influenced the data
    • Reflection on how you have leveraged others to influence the data

Applicant Component D: Coaching Video, Notes, & Analysis

The PIR coaching video focuses on the following competencies: Impact & Influence, Instructional Leadership. Successful applicants to the KIPP NYC PIR program have demonstrated a commitment to coaching and an ability to drive outcomes through others. Please make sure you connect each focus competency to at least one of the three artifacts.

Please upload the three following artifacts from a recent coaching conversation to your Google Folder: 

4. A 10-15 minute video of you leading a feedback conversation with a staff member you coach. During the video, please capture:

  • Any action step you give
  • Any practice you facilitate

5. Any notes or other preparation materials for the meeting, including current goals for the staff member and data demonstrating progress towards those goals.

6. A response to the following, totaling 750 words or fewer: Tell us about your approach to developing this particular staff member.

  • Why did you choose to focus on this staff member? What data led you to this decision? 
  • What was your goal and what was your plan to tackle this goal? 
  • What strategies were you trying to use?  
  • How are you monitoring progress? 
  • How will you know if you achieved your goal?

Alternative for applicants not currently coaching any staff members:

  • Review the teaching video which matches the school level to which you are applying:
  • Please upload to your Google Folder a document (make sure the document has open viewing privileges) with a response to the following, totaling 750 words or fewer: 
    • What are the most significant strengths and areas of growth for this teacher? What is your evidence?
    • What specific action step do you have for this teacher to leverage strengths and to drive improvement? Why did you choose that action step?
    • How will you support this teacher in developing the skill required to successfully execute your action step? 

Please insert the link for your Google Drive Folder. Please ensure the permissions are set for us to have viewing access, and that all required components (4-6 unique documents) are included. By applying, you are acknowledging that you understand the prerequisite experience and meet preferred qualifications for PIR. We look forward to reviewing your application, and thank you for time and for investing in your leadership with KIPP NYC.

Please reach out to Colette Perrine ([email protected]) with any questions!


  • In order to be a competitive candidate for Principal in Residence, we ask that you have a minimum of three years of leadership experience in a Dean or Assistant Principal role.
  • At least 5 years of teaching experience 
  • Demonstrated success developing academic programs and academic culture
  • Demonstrated success planning staff professional development and leading teams of teachers
  • Demonstrated commitment to cultural competence and anti-racism
  • An analytical view of student progress towards standards
  • Articulate, professional demeanor with strong self-confidence and initiative
  • Extreme flexibility to accommodate multiple priorities and a strong work ethic to accommodate high level of responsibilities
  • Strong interpersonal skills that contribute to a collegial working environment and a healthy measure of the character traits we value: zest, grit, hope, love, social intelligence, gratitude and a sense of humor.
  • A passion for being part of a team-oriented, mission-driven school culture
  • Demonstrated success in raising the achievement levels of students within our KIPP NYC communities 
  • Bachelor’s degree required

Additional Information

Compensation & Benefits:

KIPP NYC offers a competitive salary ranging from $136,631 - $199,029. Salaries are determined using an equitable compensation scale that accounts for years of experience relevant to the role. KIPP NYC will evaluate a candidate’s years of experience at point of hire to determine the step/level a new hire will be placed within our Assistant Principal  salary scale.

KIPP NYC offers a generous benefits package including medical, dental and vision coverages. Other benefits include retirement plan, flexible spending accounts, life insurance and supplemental benefits offerings.

This description is intended to describe the type of work being performed by a person assigned to this position.  It is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required by the employee.

KIPP NYC LLC does not offer visa sponsorship or work authorization.

KIPP NYC LLC is an anti-racist organization that believes in the importance of being diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment that includes employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We believe that enables us to better meet our mission and values while serving students and families throughout New York City. BIPOC, women, gender expansive, LGBTQIA+, veterans, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

KIPP NYC LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. KIPP NYC LLC is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment.

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