Teaching Assistant, Sustainability Management, Spring 2023

  • New York, NY, USA
  • Part-time
  • Program: Sustainability Management
  • Role: Associate, Part-time
  • Course Modality: On Campus
  • Employee Job Category: Faculty Job
  • Academic Program: SUMA
  • Term: 2023 SPRING
  • Division: Masters
  • Department: Sustainability Management

Company Description

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The School of Professional Studies at Columbia University offers innovative and rigorous programs that integrate knowledge across disciplinary boundaries, combine theory with practice, leverage the expertise of our students and faculty, and connect global constituencies. Through fourteen professional master's degrees, courses for advancement and graduate school preparation, certificate programs, summer courses, high school programs, and a program for learning English as a second language, the School of Professional Studies transforms knowledge and understanding in service of the greater good.

Job Description

A Teaching Assistant (TA) provides support to instructional faculty responsible for teaching courses at Columbia University.  TAs must attend all class sessions and are expected to assist with grading, support learning activities, and answer student inquiries, as requested by the faculty member responsible for the course section. Teaching Assistants should have either taken the course (or a similar course) or have experience in the topics covered in the course.


The TA supports the Instructional faculty in implementing all aspects of in-person and online learning and is expected to assist in developing instructional resources, online implementation strategies, and support on technology best practices.

TA responsibilities may include:

●  Attend all class sessions.

●  Assist with grading, support learning activities, and answer student inquiries, as requested by the instructional faculty responsible for the course section.

●  Provide instruction and assistance to instructional faculty and students on educational technology and computer-based testing. (Including but not limited to Canvas and other digital content development and hosting tools).

●  Maintain online resources for the instructional faculty to support teaching and learning, such as Zoom and Canvas, as determined by the instructional faculty.


Teaching Assistants (TAs) for spring 2023 must be full-time OR part-time Columbia graduate students, and can only hold one Student Officer position in the University at a time. Student Officer appointments include Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Research Fellows, Preceptors, and Readers.

International students must have a current VISA and an I-20 that is valid on or before the hire date, and it must remain active throughout the appointment period.

According to Columbia University policy, students are not permitted to work more than 20 hours per week while school is in session, which includes all positions held across the University.

Additional Information

Teaching Assistant positions are available for the following classes. Please visit the following link for more information on the instructor, course description, and date/time of the course offering.  

When applying, please list all of the courses that you'd like to be considered for in the "Message to Hiring Manager" field.  

  1. K4100    001    Sustainability Management
  2. K4147    001    Water Resources and Climate
  3. K4190    001    Economics of Sustainability Management
  4. K4235        The Science of Urban Ecology
  5. K4310        Practicum in Innovative Sustainability Leadership
  6. K4490        Women in Cities: Sustainable Urban Design, Planning and Management
  7. K5020        Cost Benefit Analysis
  8. K5021    001    Theory and Practice of Lifecycle Assessment
  9. K5025    001    Corporate Sustainability Reporting & Strategy
  10. K5033        Decision Models and Management
  11. K5035        GHG Emissions: Measuring and Minimizing the Carbon Footprint
  12. K5040    001    ESG-Aligned Corporate Governace
  13. K5060    001    Sustainable Fashion & Startup Strategy
  14. K5135    001    Analysis for Energy Efficiency
  15. K5140        Sustainability Science for Sustainability Managers
  16. K5148    001    Managing Ground Water Resources for Communities and Industry
  17. K5150        Energy and Sustainable Development
  18. K5155    001    Energy Markets and Innovation
  19. K5170    001    Sustainable Operations
  20. K5180    001    Writing About Global Science for International Media
  21. K5193    001    Statistics for Sustainability Management
  22. K5195        Accounting, Finance and Modeling of Sustainable Investments
  23. K5197    001    Financing the Clean Energy Economy
  24. K5200    001    Integrative Capstone Workshop
  25. K5210        Solid Waste Management
  26. K5230    001    Earth's Climate System
  27. K5250        Building Resilience in 21st Century Detroit
  28. K5255    001    Data Analysis and Visualization in Sustainability
  29. K5301    001    International Environmental Law
  30. K5320        Online: Sustainable Investing and Economic Growth
  31. K5445        Online: Impact Finance for Sustainability Practitioners
  32. K5470    001    Circular Economy for Sustainability Professionals
  33. K5525    001    Consumerism and Sustainability
  34. K5650        Online: Solar Project Development
  35. K5690    001    Environmental Infrastructure Development
  36. K5720    001    Policy and Legal Context for Sustainability Management
  37. K5770    001    Sustainable Forest Management
  38. K5TBA    001    TBD - New course on Sustainable Fashion
  39. K5TBA    001    TBD - New course on Sustainability Metrics

Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.