Bookkeeper (On-Call / Recurring)

  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Contract

Company Description

MalOPlus™ Group Inc. , provides Business Development services in the fields of Accounting, Administration and Marketing.  Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses explore outsourcing solutions to minimize their administrative and operating costs. We also offer to home-based self-employed professionals, a network that provides contractual work.  

MalOPlus™ Group Inc. , is a collective of 3 companies operating under the MalOPlus™  Brand and a few other sister companies managing other Brands owned by  MalOPlus™ Group Inc. This position is for one of these subdivisions.

Job Description

Bookkeepers are in charge of setting-up new accounting systems, performing accounting activities to produce periodical Financial Statements. Assignments will vary from a client to another, but most will require excellent bookkeeping knowledge and strong ethics. Hired Bookkeepers may be assigned 2 or more clients, so must be extremely well organized. Some of these positions are completely home-based, others completely in-office, and most are a mixture of both.


- Degree or certification in Accounting, minimum 3 years experience
- Minimum 5 years experience, if do not have a certification or degree
- Advanced Knowledge of at least 1 of: Quickbooks, Sage Accounting, Dynacom, Fortune 1000, Advantages
- Must know how to set-up an accounting system and adapt it to a client’s needs.
- Advanced Knowledge of : MS Excel
- Strong knowledge of Tax laws and regulations
- Bilingual, French and English, spoken
- Excellent organizer/coordinator
- Autonomous and self-motivating : Result oriented



Additional Information

Work from your Home-Office
Recruitment areas : Quebec

Position Type :  On-call, as needed by clients, recurring needs

Salary Rate : 15$ - 25$ per hour