Site Reliability Engineer

  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Full-time

Company Description

Kumparan is an Indonesian based news platform aiming to redefine the digital media industry in Indonesia, creating a platform where journalists and audience interact, crowdsourcing made possible, and user involvement valued. 

We also happen to be the fastest growing non-partisan media platform in Indonesia. In less than a year, Kumparan has grown to 15 million monthly active users. We are on track to capture a significant portion of Internet users of Indonesia by the end of the year.

Job Description

The SRE team at Kumparan is first and foremost responsible for ensuring resilience of every services that Kumparan has. They work closely with the Backend team to design and architect services to ensure maximum availability through any fluctuation. Resiliency of each services will also be a point of consideration for the team, where in an unfortunate event when a service goes down, the remaining services can continue to function and serve our users, although imperfectly, while awaiting fixes. The continued hypergrowth of Kumparan also means that the architecture is a living breathing system that requires constant flow of interesting innovative ideas to continue to scale into the future.


  • Experience working with LINUX cloud environment (experience working with AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud is a plus)
  • Capable of performing a stress test, penetration test, hardening and clustering (huge plus having experience working with OWASP, Nodejs environment, and NoSQL DB)
  • Familiarity with monitoring tools (eg : Graphana, Promotheus etc)
  • Experience with Continuous Integration Tools (eg : Travis CI, Jenkins etc)
  • Experience with Versioning Tools ( eg : Github, Bitbucket etc)
  • Programming skill (eg : Bashscript, python etc)

Additional Information

Insurance :

  • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  • BPJS Kesehatan
  • Private Health Insurance


Allowance : 

  • THR (13th Salary) 
  • Anniversary Join Date (14th Salary)