QA Engineer

  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Full-time

Company Description

Kumparan is an Indonesian based news platform aiming to redefine the digital media industry in Indonesia, creating a platform where journalists and audience interact, crowdsourcing made possible, and user involvement valued. 

We also happen to be the fastest growing non-partisan media platform in Indonesia. In less than a year, Kumparan has grown to 15 million monthly active users. We are on track to capture a significant portion of Internet users of Indonesia by the end of the year.

Job Description

With a significant portion of Indonesia's online population being users of the platform, the impact of bug or error is far-reaching. Many are reliant on Kumparan to be updated on not just the breaking news of the country, but also to keep themselves updated on what is going on in their regional locations. The QA team is the keeper for the company. As the company grows larger, the number of available services increases alongside complexity of the system. With each changes, there are bound to be edge cases, and bugs that wouldn't have been tested at a glanced. The team is responsible to create various tests - automated, regressional and functional - to identify problems before we ship the software out to the general public. This function is crucial to the engineering process within the company.


  • Experience working as QA
  • Proven work experience in software development
  • Proven work experience in software quality assurance
  • Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes (eg : Selenium, Robo Framework etc)
  • Experience in writing clear, concise and comprehensive test plans and test cases
  • Hands-on experience with both white box and black box testing
  • Hands-on experience with automated testing tools
  • Experience with performance and/or security testing is a plus

Additional Information

Insurance :

  • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  • BPJS Kesehatan
  • Private Health Insurance


Allowance : 

  • THR (13th Salary) 
  • Anniversary Join Date (14th Salary)