Process/Systems Engineer

  • Fort Belvoir, VA
  • Full-time

Company Description

HFS Company, a nationally recognized project management firm, specializes in providing support services across the entire facilities lifecycle to assist our clients reach their capital improvement goals economically and strategically.

Job Description

Provide resident support in process/systems engineering to assure that the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital physical plant is routinely operating optimally and all health care systems remain operational under any internal or external stress.

• Serve as senior systems/process engineer focusing on completion of commissioning of each system and then determining optimization path, tailored to how FBCH is providing patient care for:

o Maximizing energy savings on Arctic Chill Heat Recovery Chiller and Carrier Chill Water equipment, Hurst Boiler Steam sent to 38 York air handler heat exchangers and to domestic hot water system, given patient use requirements

o Evaluate Armstrong pumping, Trane Fan Coil Units and General/ Specialty Exhaust Systems Equipment located throughout FBCH in pharmacy, MRI, other locations to increase reliability and engineered economy of systems.

• Analyze and assess DELTA BMS for modification of alarms reporting (so staff can track and react to important alarms) on Hurst Steam Generation/Utilization, Carrier Chill Water Generation/Utilization, Ventilation/Exhaust Utilization and Temperature/Humidity Control; understand what alarms are important

• Analyze and assess value for increasing BMS monitoring points on specific equipment for increased graphics read out and navigator-based trending of BAC Net gathered data in support of energy/utility optimization

• Propose modified schedules for air handler operating ranges during periods when patient care has ended for the day. Conduct pilot studies to determine if the cost of start up to reach desired operating conditions is significantly less than maintaining status quo.

• Analyze and assess using DELTA BMS data, equipment running hours and link with DMLSS management control to establish and monitor preventive maintenance schedules.

• Evaluate, with support from Medical Maintenance, cooling system limitations of the Arctic chill cooling system on availability of GE Linear Accelerators and MRIs to support patients.

• Optimize chill water system by possible addition of automated bypass valves for operation in low temperature winter conditions to bypass Carrier chillers (these chillers do not function under a very low load conditions), so sufficient chilled water required for MRI’s, PBX Room, computer server room is available.

• Perform systems analysis of independent cooling system for MRIs, recommend methods to achieve a separate back-up system with full run capability.

• Evaluate placement of pressure relief dampers on 38 AHU systems throughout FBCH to reduce risk of duct work damage during rapid shifts in duct pressure

• Feasibility review of Building Isolation Valves for ease of expansion for future wings and increased survivability aspects for Hospital over Clinics in an emergency situation, when Clinics may have to be abandoned under emergency conditions for a period of time, as called for in several planning scenarios.


  • Intimate knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems and how these individual pieces of equipment operate as overall systems and processes to provide the required power, heat, air conditioning, chilled water, routine water supply, security, fire, structural integrity, Building Management System etc. to effectively operate a facility for 3300 employees.
  • Sophisticated knowledge of individual systems such as deionizing water generation and supply, chillers for MRI and linear accelerators, including knowledge of how each system operates to support the outputs, including maintenance plans and range of operation.
  • Knowledge of requirements and standards of TJC, NFPA, ASHRE, Life Safety, and all medical facility codes.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • 5+ years’ work experience with systems of a similar magnitude. 3+ years’ experience within a healthcare environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Additional Information

It is the policy of HFS to afford equal opportunity to all individuals and to adhere to federal and local laws, regulations and guidelines with regard to nondiscrimination against job applicants and employment practices for team members. We invite resumes/applications from all interested parties without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, genetic information, or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by law.      

HFS is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). HFS offers competitive pay and benefits. We invite you to apply and look forward to reviewing your credentials.