Mobile Engineer (iOS)

  • 1916 Labrador Lane, Vienna, VA
  • Full-time

Company Description

GTP is committed to providing valuable business and technology consulting services with excellent customer support and timely delivery of client solutions.  We believe in strong partnerships which result in rapid ROI and high quality deliverables.

We keep up with the latest trends in the industry and utilize the most appropriate processes and technologies that fit long-term client needs.

Our core focus supports rapid change management initiatives.  We utilize Agile, Scrum, and Lean principles and leverage open source technologies, architecture and frameworks to best solve your problems.  Our solutions and services support  enable the cost-effective management of business systems, and uniquely support both flexibility and controls as defined through the requirements engineering process.  Our people, process, and technology expertise  allow us to deliver services and solutions that support the agility to embrace the changes of the future.

Partner with us in Enabling your Agile Enterprise!

Job Description

As a Software Engineer working on our iPhone/iPad app, you will be responsible for the mobile face to our customer’s end users. From the news feed and task list to the custom UIs our customers design on the our platform, you must make them look good and perform well on any iOS device. Your scope extends from RESTful web API design on the server, to the iOS-specific renderer for our cross-platform user interface framework, to the final user experience of the our app.
Platform: You are at ease with Objective-C as a language, as well as design patterns like blocks, delegates, notifications, continuations and categories. You could teach others what they are and how/why to use them. You understand iOS features like NSOperations and Grand Central Dispatch. You are comfortable with both manual memory management and ARC (and know how to avoid its pitfalls).
Frameworks: You have heavy-duty experience with UIKit, especially as it relates to things like autoresizing, layout, the view lifecycle, view recycling, and the use of .xibs versus creating views in code. You also have a good working knowledge of Foundation, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, and Networking frameworks.

  • Get iOS app enhancements to the App Store on schedule with our server releases
  • Participate in design of RESTful web API’s that support both forward and backward compatibility (either the app or the server could be updated first)
  • Participate in software performance analysis and tuning
  • Automate functional testing as well as testing for performance and security
  • Respond to and resolve emergent problems; write software and build automation to prevent problem recurrence



Minimum Qualifications

  • Experience with iOS 5+
  • BS in Computer Science or related field/degree.
  • A portfolio of publicly available apps

Preferred Qualifications

  • MS in Computer Science or related field/degree
  • Experience with Android and/or BlackBerry
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in a high-volume or critical production service environment

Additional Information

We are committed to excellence, and we are passionate about technology. We have high standards for our people and, in turn, we offer a work environment that fosters the same.

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