Genomic Data Scientist - Research Services (Diverse Data/Population Genomics)

  • London, UK
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time
  • Department: Bioinformatics Research Services
  • Office: London

Company Description

Genomics England successfully led the world-leading 100,000 Genomes Project, which compared and analysed individuals’ genetic codes to help diagnose, treat and prevent illness.

We're now accelerating our impact, working with the NHS to further develop and embed genomic healthcare and research in Britain.  Our next chapter involves working with patients, doctors, scientists, government and industry to improve genomic testing, and help researchers access the health data and technology they need to make new medical discoveries and create more effective, targeted medicines for everybody.

Job Description

We have an exceptionally talented team of Data Scientists at Genomics England, and you'll work together to provide support to our research partners, ensuring they can gain the maximum value from the meaningful data we have collated since we began our work.

As a Genomic Data Scientist you will be based within the diversity team working with genomic data scientists in understanding the effects of different ancestries in genome interpretation. This research will help improve our approaches when working with cohorts from diverse ethnicities.  You will play an important part in ensuring this data can be used to the fullest to advance research into how personalised genetic medicine can become a reality. 

Everyday responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out complex custom computational analyses. 
  • Provide high quality consultancy services in a variety of projects 
  • Understanding the needs of customers (academic, NHS and industry); working with customers to ensure that their scientific projects are successful and that they gain value from their interactions with our Research Environment. This includes face to face engagement to assess needs and execution.  
  • Development of Bioinformatics datasets, resources, and scripts that will enable downstream analyses for users of the research environment  
  • Continuously scan the scientific literature to identify new approaches to genome analysis that can be implemented to improve our capabilities 
  • Collaborating internally as part of squads or teams as part of the Research and Ecosystems tribe 

Skills and Experience for Success

We anticipate the ideal candidate will have:

  • A background in statistical genetics, statistical bioinformatics, Biostatistics, or a related strongly quantitative discipline, with postdoctoral experience in fields related to statistical genetics or genomics 
  • An understanding of diversity/population/ancestries in genomic datasets
  • Strong statistical analysis skills and experience of bioinformatics research and analytics using large human genomic datasets alongside clinical data 
  • Proven ability to sensitively communicate with key customer and internal stakeholders from diverse backgrounds (e.g. management, IT, R and D, biology, bioinformatics) 
  • Experience with cloud-scale data processing and high-performance computing. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge and competence in relevant programming languages and applications (e.g. R, Python) and experience of using a suite of bioinformatics tools to problem solve and answer research questions. 


Postdoctoral level (or equivalent) in a strongly computational and statistical discipline such as statistical genetics, machine learning, computational biology. 

Additional Information

Being part of this journey is a reward in itself, however we're pleased to offer our colleagues a great benefits package including:

  • Competitive salary
  • 30 days holiday
  • Generous pension scheme
  • Individual learning budgets for every colleague
  • A raft of other benefits

Talk to our Talent Team and find out how a career with Genomics England will benefit you.

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