Customer Service - Needs Matching Volunteer

  • London, UK
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Part-time

Company Description

Frontline.Live harnesses the power of live, open data, to connect people in crisis with the resources they need. Currently, Frontline.Live is working hard to connect UK frontline healthcare workers with the PPE they lack, to aid in the Covid-19 crisis.

By collecting, visualising and analysing data from suppliers & people in need, we show political and procurement bodies a more effective, more efficient and more human way of meeting needs in a time of crisis.

Job Description

The Needs Matching Team is here to make sure our frontline workers have their needs met as quickly as possible.  We are part customer service and part detective, with a major in problem solving!

You will be responsible for connecting every frontline worker who needs equipment, with the suppliers who have it. Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Validate & add suppliers and needs to the map
  • Connect suppliers and supplies to those raising needs
  • Foster and build relationships with suppliers and needs raisers
  • Update the list of preferred suppliers
  • Monitor our email service
  • Identify story worthy insight on suppliers and needs raisers


  • Results orientated & driven
  • Resilient & determined
  • Attention to detail
  • Comfortable communicating with need raisers and suppliers over phone and email

Additional Information

Frontline.Live has recently gained official charity status, and for now is entirely staffed by volunteers. This volunteer position is entirely mouldable to your own living and working situation, and we'd love to hear from you, and how this might work for you.