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Company Description

KENTECH Consulting Inc. , is an innovative award winning background technology screening company.


COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS - Headquartered in Chicago, IL, and headed by former Equifax and ChoicePoint technologists, KENTECH provides extensive background and web-based verification solutions throughout the United States of America. Our online suite of Background checking tools is powered by the latest technology offered to Banking, Employers, Housing Authorities, Non-Profits, Job Seekers, Students and School faculty.


INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY - We are the creators of innovative projects such as - 1st identity theft detection system of its kind, C.L.E.A.R (Criminal Link Exchange and Reporting) and a flexible pay college screening product for colleges and universities. We hold a provisional patent on our technology services and contributing author to "Background and Screening Investigations"book published by Elesvier in 2008.

Job Description

We are looking for PI in or near the following cities to conduct a neighborhood survey for potential police candidate for a local government agency:

  • BUFFALO, NY 14213
  • EMMAUS, PA 18049

Investigator will be responsible for:

1. Conducting 2 in person neighbor interviews and gather responses using scripted questions, 

2. Taking quality pictures of residence

3. Providing a narrative of the neighborhood.  


We will provide further instructions including template and picture upon assignment.


Duration: Ongoing-varies
Compensation: Contractor 1099-$125.00 per case.


Investigators must be a current/previous Peace Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, or a Licensed Detective Security Clearance highly desirable.  Reliable Transportation-Car Insurance-Valid Driver License-Ability to work on evenings/weekends.

Additional Information

We look forward to hearing from you!