Medical Department Chief

  • 201 Crestwood CT, Gallup, NM, United States
  • Full-time

Company Description

AeroCare Medical Transport has served the Navajo Nation, Northern Arizona and the Four Corners with high-quality and compassionate air medical transportation since 2004.  Our staff is dedicated to serve others in their time of need by providing prompt, compassionate and exceptional Critical Care and Advanced Life Support.  Currently, we operate three fixed-wing bases in Winslow, Chinle and Ft. Defiance, Arizona.

AeroCare was added to the AMRG family of medical transport companies in April of 2015.  Being part of the AMRG family has allowed AeroCare to leverage management resources and experience to expand its coverage and serve more patients.

Job Description

The Eagle Air Med Medical Department Chief is responsible for personnel management, leadership, and safety. The Medical Department Chief reports to the EAM Program Director and the Medical Director.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervisor to all medical department employees.
  • Direct Supervisor of the Eagle Air Med Training Officers, Medical Department Materials Manager, all EAM base managers, Quality Manager Program/ Team.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Document all employee evaluations, on-going coaching sessions, terminations, reprimands, etc.
  • Employment and termination decisions with the approval of the Vice President and Human Resources.
  • Written and verbal employee reprimands.
  • Employee evaluations and coaching, with the approval of Vice President.
  •  Manage the annual medical employee evaluations, in conjunction with the base manager where applicable, completing the evaluations as necessary. 
  • Follow all state and federal laws. 
  • Cover unexpected shifts when a crew member calls in sick or is unable to cover the shift when flights are pending. 
  • Make recommendations for safety improvement, staff retention, staff morale, quality improvement, job satisfaction and overall service improvement.
  • Attend staff meetings quarterly
  • Attend quarterly safety/QM Meetings and Monthly Staff Meetings.
  • Attend AMTC yearly.


Maintain knowledge of CAMTS and NAAMTA standards. Ensure company compliance with CAMTS and NAAMTA standards at all times by following their requirements.

  • ACLS certified
  • Trauma certified
  • PALS or APLS certified
  • Other training requirements as specified by CAMTS/NAAMTA.

Quality Management Manager

  • Implement and comply with Quality Management Plan.
  • Responsible for QA'ing charts for specific criteria as required by our QM Plan and on reporting on QA indicators to the Quality Managment Committee.
  • Review charts with near misses and discuss action plans with medical director and employees involved.
  • Discuss annual QM Goal with the QM Committee and ensure the annual QM goal is set and maintained
  • Discuss and train via lecture and review with the QM committee different items that are hot topics in the air medical industry.
  • Review annually with QM committee QM Plan and update plan as necessary.
  • Review and document compliance through flight chart evaluations. 
  • Attend, conduct and help in scheduling of quarterly QM meetings.
  • Report on the medical department QM indicators following the QM Plan. ]
  • Ensure follow-through and documentation of all QM issues. 
  • Writing and making changes to Protocols with direction and approval of Medical Director. Protocols must be revised and approved annually. 
  • Writing and approving changes to policies and procedures affecting patient care. These must be reviewed annually.
Hiring, Training, and Continuing Education 
  • Actively involved in the hiring, training and continuing education of all non-physician personnel.
  • Performing quarterly training along with the training officer with all medical employees
    to document and ensure proficiency in specific advanced procedures as applicable to
    scope of care and as set by the Medical Department Chief or medical director.
  • Review resumes and interview all potential new hires.
  • Perform on-going continuing education with all medical personnel through the use of
    articles, testing, internet sites, CD Rom training, etc. and by performing flights with
    medical personnel at other bases. 
  • Approve initial orientation program and ensure all employees have documentation of
    initial orientation with the compliance officer. Fly with new personnel as part of initial
    orientation to ensure clinical competency. 
  • Ensure along with Compliance Officer, compliance of all medical personnel required
  • Perform or assign annual recurrent training for all medical personnel as required by
  • Perform or assign training for new equipment or procedures.
  • Quarterly training with all medical personnel on advanced procedures.
  • Fly with each new hire after initial orientation to ensure competency.

Promote wellness through programs that promote healthy lifestyles (no smoking, balanced diet, weight control, etc.).

Infection Control Officer

  • Ensure compliance with Infection Control policies including proper documentation and control of infection control incidents.
  • Ensure with Compliance Officer all required personnel have initial and annual TB tests completed and documented.
  • Ensure all required personnel either sign and document declination of or receive and document required series of Hep B vaccinations.

Public Relations 

  • Maintain high professional relationships with each facility we serve.
  • Attend meetings as set forth by the marketing department to give information about our
    service, policies, protocols, etc.
  • Take items, such as pizzas, donuts, etc. or as outlined by Marketing to the hospitals we serve.
  •  Require your staff to be involved in the facilities they serve by bringing marketing materials in
    the hospital and becoming involved in marketing items taking place in their communities.

Other Duties

  • Responsibility with all high-level managers to ensure that morale remains high and that employees are satisfied with their jobs. Make recommendations for improvement where you can see a need to improve the work environment.
  • Carry a cell phone so you can be contacted 24 hours if necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned and required by the Program Director, Medical Director or Vice

Education and Experience

  • Nursing degree and current certifications.
  • Proficient computer skills. 
  • Knowledge of medical principles and practices.
  • Knowledge of CAAMTS and NAAMTA accreditation requirements.

Key Competencies

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Customer service
  • Information gathering and information management skills
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Organizing and planning
  • Confidentiality
  • Initiative & follow-through
  • Stress tolerance

Additional Information

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