Data Engineer

  • Full-time

Company Description

Yoyo powers some of the world’s leading retail brands, through customer loyalty and rewards software solutions, to offer the world's most rewarding buying experience.

We create a space where passionate, smart, curious and creative people thrive.

Our values are our way of being, and how we show up every day.

This is how we help our clients build their best business and our staff build a career to be proud of. Living these values builds an environment where world-class passionate people create world-class scalable products that delight customers and consumers and drive scalable profit and revenue growth.

    Job Description

    We are looking for an experienced Data Engineer to join our Product Data Team and assist us in creating reliable, re-usable and leading-edge reporting and analytics solutions. You will be responsible for aggregating Data from dispersed sources and collating information to develop world class reporting and analytics dashboards. You will also be responsible for developing functional applications to debug, monitor and troubleshoot BI tools. You will form part of a team of Data experts who are motivated, energetic and strive to deliver remarkable reporting and analytics solutions to our clients.

    Minimum Requirements


    3 years of building commercial Business Intelligence solutions

    • Experience with Python
    • Data Warehouse design. Ideally with experience on AWS Redshift
    • Data lake and the development thereof
    • Database Management Systems and OLAP technologies
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Relational Databases, preferably PostgreSQL
    • ELT, ETL and the development thereof
    • CDC (Change Data Capture) functions and procedures in the context of RDMS (Relational Database Management Systems), ORDBMS (Object-Relational Database Management Systems) and NoSQL Data sets


    • Proficient in MongoDB; MySQL
    • Bonus: Experienced with RESTful API's and the development thereof (GraphQL advantageous)
    • Experienced with Tableau, Sisense or QuickSight
    • Experienced with Scripting Programming Language: JavaScript or Python
    • Apache Airflow
    • NoSQL

    Additional Information

    Company Values:

    • Be passionate: Spiral up, be positive, bring momentum, and energy to those around you
    • Be an owner: Be accountable and take responsibility. Find solutions, learn from your mistakes and own tasks to completion
    • Be world class at speed: Delivering world leading solutions at speed
    • Be curious and creative: Constantly innovating, exploring, learning, stretching yourself, pushing the boundaries and thinking out of the box
    • Be a team player: Leave ego at the door, be teachable, engaged, inclusive, and transparent. Bring the best of yourself and the best out of others, rallying behind a larger team mission