Natural Language Processing Specialist

  • 3460 Preston Ridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Why join the Worthix Team? 

At Worthix, we are redefining the Customer Experience space. We have built the world’s first customer decision measurement tool powered by AI and delivered in a streamlined software application. 

We are a Silicon Valley born, Atlanta headquartered tech startup that is growing quickly in the North American market and beyond. We have an agile, smart, passionate team that believes in reshaping an industry,  with decades of experience in the CX space.

 We are using AI in ways that no one else in the industry is and our clients love it. We have an amazing team. 

Your confidence will build from the start in joining a fast-growing company that world leaders are choosing to work with: Worthix.

Job Description

As an NLP specialist at Worthix, you will work with a small team to develop state of the art models for text data analysis in order to provide insights on challenging survey data. These models will integrate into anexisting API and be used to analyze hundreds of thousands of text instances. You will help to develop internal tools to improve the analysis of machine learning models to better understand and improve their performance on testing data. You will also work on data preprocessing and postprocessing to improve model performance and reduce model training times.


Programming Requirements:

  • 2+ years of programming experience
  • Experience with algorithm analysis, design, and implementation
  • Proficiency with scripting languages [Python or Lua]

NLP Requirements:

  • Familiarity with a variety of modern supervised NLP tasks [Document classification, sentiment analysis, dependency parsing, etc.]
  • Familiarity with modern NLP algorithms and models [LSTMs, Structured perceptron, CNNs, LDA, viterbi, word2vec, fastText, etc.]
  • Ability to read modern NLP and ML papers and apply or implement their results 
  • Experience with NLP libraries [spaCy, NLTK, CoreNLP, etc.]
  • Background in fundamental and applied probability and statistics 
  • Understanding of hypothesis testing and validation 
Preferred Skills:
  • Experience with data visualization libraries [Matplotlib, D3.js, etc.]
  • Background in linear algebra, calculus, and combinatorics
  • Basic skills with HTML and Javascript (for developing internal tools)

Additional Information


Market competitive compensation 

Partial benefits health/dental/401K

Flexible working schedule

Free snacks/drinks