System Software Engineer (m/f/d)

  • Full-time
  • Division: Software Engineering

Company Description

At ProGlove, the human is at the center of everything we do. We believe in creating products with purpose, and our diverse team of engineers, scientists, logistic experts, techies, entrepreneurs, and more are dedicated to boosting productivity and putting humans at the center of it all.  

Our team of over 350 members is a true reflection of the diverse world we live in. Coming from various backgrounds and locations, we embrace our differences and turn them into strengths. We're united by a passion for growth and a drive to make a positive impact in the world.  

Become part of a world-class team and help us bring the world closer together - one scan at a time  

We are seeking a highly motivated System Software Engineer (m/f/d) to join our team at ProGlove, a leading provider of wearable technology solutions. In this role, you will be responsible for developing cutting-edge products for Industry 4.0.

Job Description

As System Software Engineer, you will closely work with Architecture Team, Backend Engineers, and Firmware Software Engineers  and you will report directly to your Engineering Team Lead. 

We’re dedicated to finding someone who is passionate about connecting the human worker with the Industrial IoT and interested in developing on lower Linux levels. Your essential duties will include these as well

  • As part of a team, you will be responsible for the further technical development of our next-generation connectivity solution.
  • You will be working on the link between our wearable devices, the customer systems, and our own analytics platform.
  • Design, develop and test user-space applications running on low-power computers connecting our BLE-based wireless MARK scanners and other wearables to customer systems over USB and WiFi.
  • Extend the Gateway to securely connect to our analytics platform over industry WiFi networks.
  • Develop a system to anonymize, pre-process and accumulate collected data before forwarding it to our platforms.
  • Maintain and integrate an embedded Linux distribution.
  • Develop drivers for peripherals and integrate security fixes into the system.
  • Set up automated tests from unit to end-to-end tests for all new features.
  • Integrate the tests in a CI environment.
  • Work in an agile, design thinking team - everybody can talk to stakeholders including customers and together we build great product


    At ProGlove, we believe in nurturing an environment where growth, innovation, and passion thrive. Technical expertise is important, but it's the perfect blend of soft and hard skills that makes a candidate truly stand out. Our qualifications serve as guidelines, but we're always on the lookout for individuals who bring a unique perspective and drive to make a difference.  

    As our ideal candidate for this role, you come with the following skills and competencies:  

    • Experience in developing applications for Linux in either a Desktop or an embedded environment.
    • Worked with Linux tools on user space as well as kernel level (DBus, systemd, NetworkManager, bash/sh scripting, BlueZ)
    • Experience in development with a high-level object-oriented language.
    • Secured internet-connected embedded devices in the past
    • Experience in using tools needed for collaborative working in a team (Git, CI pipelines, JIRA)
    • Experience in using Linux as a development system and daily driver
    • Confident written and verbal communication skills in English

    And we're very happy if you have...

    • Experience in Python and async development
    • Configured and compiled a Linux kernel at least once in the past
    • Worked with Bluetooth and industry-level WiFi networks before

    Additional Information

    Why ProGlove ?

    At ProGlove, we believe that the future of work is wearable. Our mission is to empower workers to work smarter, faster, and safer with our innovative technology solutions. We offer a dynamic and fast-paced work environment, opportunities for growth and advancement, and a comprehensive benefits package that includes e.g.:  

    • Remote Work and Flexible Schedules: We believe in the future of remote work and offer flexible working hours to accommodate your lifestyle.  
    • Personalized & Flexible Benefits: Depending on your location, we offer a variety of benefits tailored to enhance your life, including allowances, private health insurance, gym memberships, and shopping discounts.  
    • Your Path for Growth: With a clear career framework and our "School of Growth" development academy, we provide opportunities for your personal and professional growth.  
    • Dedicated time to Grow: every ProGlovian has budgeted time for learning within our working hours.
    • Transformative Leadership: All our people leaders undergo comprehensive multi-month training and coaching programs to ensure exceptional guidance and support.  
    • Employee Referral Rewards: You can earn up to €2000 ($2250) before tax by referring friends to join our team. 
    • Cutting-Edge Technology: Choose the devices that work best for you from our range of supported IT products.  
    • Health Program: Our global ProHealth Program prioritizes the physical and mental well-being of all our team members.   

    Please note that our benefit packages vary depending on the location of your role.   

    You made it all the way here, which means only one thing – you are 100% ready to take the first step to become part of ProGlove.   

    We value independence, open communication, and ambition. Our goal is to create innovative and simple solutions for both our team and customers. We encourage creativity and the challenging of existing norms.   

    ProGlove has been dedicated to improving the workforce for over 8 years and we're eager for you to become a part of our story. Apply now, we can't wait to meet you!  

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