Senior Front-End Engineer

  • Edinburgh, UK
  • Full-time

Company Description

buildit is a specialist software engineering and consulting organization within Wipro iDEAS. Our core charter is to help our enterprise customers accelerate their digital transformation programs through our velocity™ consulting practice or rescue at risk and complex software engineering engagements with targeted interventions.

In addition, our global co-innovation studios are designed to deliver end-to-end design, co-creation, professional education, and product development. 

What do we do:

  • Velocity Consulting: Targeted intervention to solve highly complex engineering problems or rescue at-risk engagements by small group of experts.
  • Co-creation Studios: Ideation, design, training, engineering to product development.
  • Professional Education: High-impact training courses taught by practitioners (Agile, and Lean methodologies).

What you'll do 

  • Consultative Engineering – Identify, articulate, and influence the shape of business outcomes through platform solutions across the business and technology landscape and across the lifecycle from concept, through realization into production and back again. You will be able to balance the books between technology purism, best-practice, and solution-fit.
  • Collaborative Solutioning – We are looking for people who want to work in cross-functional teams, and want to help others learn how to build them, and why they're valuable; people with a grasp of a variety of technologies, languages, and methodologies, along with their pros and cons.
  • This role may require up to 75% domestic or international travel, often working directly at client locations


Job Description

What Will You Do:

You will be joining an Agile team of like-minded Engineering talent and delivering key solutions for the Products and Services that will drive value for our customers end-users. We are looking for Engineers who are able to be leaders within their field and within their product area.

You will be participating in daily Stand-Ups, Sprint Planning Sessions, Retrospectives and working alongside Scrum Masters and Product Owners to understand the shape and direction of the future plans for the customer. You will take these plans and then deliver the solutions using your expertise across JavaScript, React, Redux, Node and Java. You will have the autonomy to deliver these solutions and working on taking a consultative approach to help the customer understand the shape with they can achieve with the use of technology.

You will have the opportunity to create new APIs, improve the functionality of various customer facing products, will work to define Product Scope and around what is going to add the most value for customers. There are new platforms to build into the current systems as well as defining and building new systems. 


What you will bring to the role:

We want people to bring their Engineering expertise to our already high-quality team and find their part to play within the delivery. Helping others out, constantly sharing your knowledge and expanding your own knowledge through continuous learning and self-development. You will also bring a leadership approach and an ability to clearly articulate why working in a certain way or introducing a certain technology will be of overall benefit to our customers and as part of their transformation.

We want people to come with experience in the following:

·      JavaScript

·      React

·      Redux

·      Angular

·      Node

·      Java for our back-end development

An Agile outlook and experience in a Scrum environment  


Additional Information

What will we do for you:

We put a great deal of value on giving everyone coming into BuildIT the platform to grow in their careers and also to develop those around them. With this in mind we are committed to the following:

·      We will give you the autonomy to work out how best you are going to deliver your code. 

·      We will free you up from the clunky processes in other organizations and allow you to focus on the development work you are passionate about and where you can add most value. 

·      We will buddy you up on day one with a like-minded Engineer who can show you the ropes and the wider team will welcome you in. 

·      Learning from your peers on a daily basis is a given and a benefit which isn’t readily available in other places and this is something we have worked hard to build and are proud of our team for ensuring it continues. 

·      You will have the opportunity to attend events, talks, seminars and you will be able to share your story of how you played your part in building [email protected] in Edinburgh.


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