Senior Growth & Operations Manager

  • 205a Corporation Dr, Dolphin Estate 106104, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Full-time

Company Description

Wild Fusion Group:

Wild Fusion as a group has been in existence for over 12 years. It comprises of 4 service businesses and 2 product companies:

Wild Fusion Nigeria: A full fledged digital marketing and advertising company

ROI Digital: A full fledged digital marketing and advertising company as well

Wild Fusion Digital Centre: Nigeria's first and most premium digital marketing training centre:

Wild Fusion Ghana: A team of digital marketing experts based in Ghana

LoanSpot: A Micro Finance Bank aggregator that specializes in bringing together lenders and borrowers to consummate transactions:

SupplySmart: A fintech loan company that specialises in unlocking credit to  stakeholders in the FMCG space

Job Description

Job Responsibilities

  • Monitoring existing portfolios to ensure proper risk ratings and early identification of potential problems.
  • Designing, planning and implementing business strategies.
  • Re- engineering processes to improve service delivery.
  • Ensuring customer experience both internally and externally are in line with service standards.
  • Creating reports for the management.
  • Taking the lead in expansion activities.
  • Maintaining relationships with manufacturers, partners and vendors.
  • Working closely with Technology and Engineering in iterating the product ensuring it is aligned with the everyday realities of the manufacturer, lender and Distributor.
  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset/approach in handling all goals/objectives.
  • Responsible for activation/onboarding, retention of manufacturers and upselling of the product to other stakeholders in the value chain/industry.
  • Achieving agreed monthly revenue growth target.
  • Coordinating and executing the growth plans and strategy of the business.
  • Developing and outlining operational procedures that will guide all transactional activities in the business/product.
  • Providing strategic insights from various stakeholders needed to improve the quality of CX for both manufacturers, lenders, borrowers, regulators, product team etc.
  • Building processes and features for the perfect Borrowers, Lenders & Collections experience on the product, Supply Smart.
  • Working with cross-functional teams: Marketing (Wild Fusion), Engineering & Products, Lenders Acquisition and others.
  • Preparing, distributing and maintaining Due Diligence Checklists updating regularly to meet target underwriting goals
  • Ordering and obtaining reports and verifications from external parties where necessary
  • Monitoring and supervising ALL operational processes to achieve 100% TAT.
  • Implementation of Key Projects within stipulated time frame.
  • Ensuring customer experience both internally and externally are in line with service standards.
  • Establishing policies and procedures that promote the company’s culture and vision.
  • Analyzing and interpreting data and metrics for business decision making purposes

Key Performance Indicators.

 Signup minimum of 5 Manufacturers and get them to provide the loan service to their KDs monthly.

  • Signup 50 “Active borrowers” and 40 Business Entities every 2 months. “Active” means:
  • Borrower: Registration & BVN validation plus at least 100% successful borrow transaction signed up and 97%-100% repayment of what was borrowed.
  • Business Entity: Registration, BVN Validation plus commitment from the entity to debts collection and at least 100% successful withdrawal of those signed up.
  • Business Entity committed to collection and ensuring the borrower repays all credit as when due.
  • Ensure all signed-up users (Borrowers and Business Entities) take a facility within 7 days of signing up.
  • Adherence to the repayment rate/cycle. It is your responsibility to ensure that all signups that initiate a borrow transaction adhere to the repayment plan/cycle of the company.
  • Ensure all signups remain active and continuously make use of the platform as this will be monitored daily.

·         Grow the number of Manufacturers to 10 on Supply Smart by getting them to register and subscribe on the platform.

Others Monthly KPIs:

  • Ensure a great customer experience that guarantees a 70% retention rate of all borrowers/Manufacturers that visit the platform
  • Ensure no loss of client or customer due to a bad experience with the business
  • Ensure ALL customer/client issues are resolved within 24 hours.
  • Ensure the Net Promoters Score stays above 0 at all monthly surveys.
  • Ensure average 90% rating and feedback by manufacturers/KDEs etc completing the lenders and borrowers experience 
  • questionnaire monthly.
  • Develop a manufacturers acquisition growth plan for the next 6 months


Should you attain and surpass the targets issued to you by Month 6, you will be promoted to the role of Chief Growth & Operations Officer. The Chief Growth & Operations Officer role is a Director role responsible for leading the team and with a direct reporting line to the CEO. He/She is responsible for leading other units and providing business oversight that ensures a sustainable growth of the company.

This will come with an upward review in Pay and other benefits.


  • BA/BS degree -- preferably in a business, marketing or technical related field.
  • 5+ years managing customer acquisition operations teams (Sales, Success or Revenue Operations related roles) with a proven track record.
  • Expert level knowledge and experience in lead generation processes and tools
  • Proven project management experience in leading simultaneous go-to-market initiatives and while adapting and adjusting to multiple demands, shifting priorities and change
  • Strong communicator with experience working across multiple levels of leadership
  • Great attention to detail with the capability to appropriately define issues, questions, and data

Additional Information

Must be well organized and able to juggle multiple tasks, and action-orientated, who
meets deadlines and makes it happen
• Must have a knack for meeting and surpassing deadlines always.
• Must have the ability to build and maintain relationships and work confidently with
people at all levels
• Must possess an enthusiastic and approachable personality
• Must be an excellent communicator in English (written and verbal) with the ability to
earn trust and credibility
• Must have the ability to influence, network, negotiate, counsel, and mediate
• Must have the ability to demonstrate a high degree of confidentiality
• Must have the ability to work independently and take initiative, but also must be an
enthusiastic team player
• Must be willing to accept responsibility and make decisions based on experience,
education, and understanding of business needs and culture.