Staff Engineer, Process Engineering

  • Yokkaichi, Japan
  • Full-time
  • Business Function: Process Engineering
  • Work Location: Yokkaichi Office--LOC_SNDK_Yokkaichi Office

Company Description

Western Digital GK

Job Description

Job Description Job Title:  Staff Process Engineer スタッフプロセスエンジニア Location: Yokkaichi Office 四日市 オフィス Western Digital The next big thing in data is you! Essential Duties and Responsibilities ●Develops and delivers strategies for improving and optimizing wafer wet etching and cleaning processes and procedures ウェーハエッチング及び洗浄プロセスおよび手順を改善および最適化するための戦略を開発および提供する ●Develops and implements practices or methodologies which reduce cost and improve operational efficiency コストを削減し、運用効率を向上させるプラクティスまたは方法論を開発および実行する ●Conducts root cause analysis and implements corrective action if required 根本原因分析を実施し、必要に応じて是正措置を実施する Qualifications (Required and Preferred) and Skills REQUIRED: ●Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, or Physics at an accredited 4-year university. 4年制大学での電気工学、機械工学、化学工学、材料科学、または物理学の学士号または修士号 ●Able to take ownership of assignments, develop work plans and proactively seek feedback to ensure objectives are aligned and met. 割り当てられた仕事に責任を持って、計画を作成し、積極的なフィードバックと調整で目標を達成できる能力があること ●Able to succeed in a dynamic, fast paced environment. 動的で変化の速い環境で、業務を遂行できる能力があること PREFERRED ●Knowledge of Wet etching manufacturing processes, practices, and techniques ウエット・エッチング製造プロセス、実践、および手法に関する知識 ●Knowledge of wafer fabrication processing techniques and tools ウェーハ製造プロセスの技術とツールに関する知識 SKILLS ●Strong written and oral communications skills. 文書および口頭での優れたコミュニケーションスキル ●Able to comply with all safety policies and procedures すべての安全ポリシーと手順を順守できること ●Demonstrated problem-solving and trouble shooting skills 問題解決能力とトラブルシューティング能力 ●Flexible and able to prioritize 柔軟で優先順位付けができること ABOUT WESTERN DIGITAL The future. It’s on you. You & Western Digital. We’ve been storing the world’s data for more than 50 years. Once, it was the most important thing we could do for data. Now we’re helping the world capture, preserve, access and transform data in a way only we can. The most game-changing companies, consumers, professionals, and governments come to us for the technologies and solutions they need to capture, preserve, access, and transform their data. But we can’t do it alone. Today’s exceptional data challenges require your exceptional skills. It’s You & Us. Together, we’re the next big thing in data. Western Digital® data-centric solutions are found under the G-Technology™, HGST, SanDisk®, Tegile™, Upthere™, and WD® brands.