Sr. Test Engineer

  • Kitakami-shi, Japan
  • Full-time
  • Business Function: Test Engineering
  • Work Location: Kitakami Office--LOC_SNDK_Kitakami Office

Company Description

Western Digital GK

Job Description

JOB TITLE: Sr. Test engineerLocation: Yokkaichi, MieJoin Yokkaichi Test team first, after 3months( or more), this position will be relocated to Kitakami fabESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:-Wafer test program development and evaluation for Western Digital memory devices-To use memory testers for the program devlopment and evaluation-To do test related tasks, such as, test time reduction, program quality improvement and test documentation REQUIRED:-Program language experiences PREFERRED:-C language-Assembly language-Script(Perl, Python)-Semiconductor knowlege-EE or Information Science major SKILLS:-Data analysis-Statistics-Communication(English/Japanese) Job Title: シニアテストエンジニアLocation: 四日市、三重入社時は四日市テストグループ配属、3か月(またはそれ以上)のOJT後に北上に配属予定ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:-ウエスタンデジタルメモリ製品のテスト開発-メモリテスト装置の使用-テスト関係の他ワーク(テスト効率向上、不良解析など)REQUIRED:-プログラム言語経験PREFERRED:-C言語-アセンブラ言語-スクリプト言語(Perl, Python)-半導体知識-電気電子または情報系学部専攻SKILLS:-データ解析-統計学-英語