Oriya Language Lead [Remote]

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Job Description

Do you use phone messaging apps so often you could do it in your sleep (and maybe do)? Are you an “expert” at sending just the right emoji to your friends and family? Do you have a background in translating from English into Oriya?

Then help us make one of the most used communication apps in the world, accessible to everyone, no matter the language. Let's connect the world, together!

We’re looking for a creative translator to be our remote Language Lead.

Want to know more? Following are the Language Lead responsibilities:

Language Lead Responsibilities 

1 - TEP (translation, editing, proofreading) 

  • Translating all content, except Legal content (Ex. Terms of Service, Privacy Policy) according to the guidelines and deadlines provided 

  • Expected to use the tools provided to perform their localization tasks 

  • Some of the content types to be translated by the language lead might include: UI application strings for mobile apps, Website content, FAQs and Help center content, Canned responses for customer support representatives, marketing content, user research content, surveys, social media posts, videos, potentially some non-technical legal content 

2 - Linguistic review quality assessment 

  • Perform regular linguistic review of their own work as well as of the work performed by other members of the Translation team from the vendor for all content types (UI strings, FAQS, Canned responses, Marketing, Legal). 

  • Perform quality checks on all content they translated as well as content translated by other members of the team to ensure quality standards are met. 

  • Track and monitor translation quality, flag potential quality issues and trends and help train the rest of the team. 

  • Data collection, analysis of best practices, client feedback tracking, KPI tracking, monitor team arbitrations 

3 - Linguistic assets: Terminology and Style Guide 

  • Perform regular terminology work including translating glossary terms (every day), perform in-depth terminology research and comparative analysis of style, language and terminology used by competitors and successful products in the target market 

  • Responsible to create, adapt and maintain a Language-specific style guide 

4 -Screenshot review  

  • Perform a review of the screenshots available daily to identify major truncation issues, glaring display issues or translation issues in the context of the screen 

  • May create and collect screenshots repositories for different versions of the applications and to review them before a release to ensure translation quality of different screen sizes 

5 - LQA / Live testing  

  • Perform live LQA (Localization QA) testing of the application UI strings as well as thoroughly QA any content published on our live website (FAQs, Blog posts, Marketing material) or other channels (ex. Facebook posts, Press kits, Marketing campaigns). Their main responsibility is to perform Localization testing for translation quality purposes, but it might include also some functionality testing on the localized internal builds, mostly targeted and flagging and reporting internationalization issues. 

6 - Task filing/ Bug flagging 

  • Responsible to create tasks for internationalization, layout, RTL display issues, or functionality issues that they might find during LQA testing according to the guidelines and processes established by the Localization PMs. 

7 -Respond to urgent requests 

  • Perform any urgent tasks assigned to them directly by their LPMs (Localization PMs). Whenever there are requests for urgent string translation, marketing or legal content translation, the language lead should be able to prioritize these translations over lower visibility / priority tasks. 

8 -Collaboration with other teams 

  • Collaborate with the Customer support team  

  • Collaboration will be moderated and coordinated and might include meetings, emails, content reviews tasks to ensure calibrating terminology and style, understanding trends and Market specific insights, prioritizing CR (canned responses) translations based on the Market team's needs. 

  • Ensure that other members of the Translation team are fully trained on terminology, style and best practices as they assign work to them or if they are on holiday/ OOO. 

  • Responsibilities might include helping select, vet and monitor the progress of new team members and organize / perform linguistic trainings 

10 - Meetings 

  • Participate to Localization scrums, Localization training and refreshers, LQA/ functionality testing sessions, Feature demos and presentations 

  • They should have regular syncs with other members of the Translation team to ensure localization requirements / standards are understood and applied 

11- Localization insights / market expertise 

  • With time the Language lead will become the culture ambassadors for the markets they represent and will be expected to bring up and flag potential cultural issues with content types, wording, choice of images and colors and articulate suggestions to make all content appropriate and relevant for the target markets. 

  • They might be expected to perform some market-specific research on local content treatment, content, product and terminology trends and best localization practices for the target audience in their market 


Minimum Qualifications

BA/BS or equivalent 4 year university degree.
Translation/ Linguistics or Computer science/ Software engineering or similar fields of study strongly desired.

  • Native level fluency and formal education in the language of expertise (writing, reading, speaking). Must have lived and worked in country/ culture they represent for at least 5 years
  • Proven understanding and in-depth knowledge of the target culture. Needs to be immersed or have regular exposure to the target culture or fully aware of technology trends, current affairs and language trends
  • Exceptional verbal and written English skills (writing, reading, speaking)
  • Ability to clearly explain linguistic challenges and cultural questions and concepts in English to diverse stakeholders who might not be familiar with the language or linguistics in a clear and professional way


  • 3 years of experience in software localization (mobile applications, desktop applications) or gaming localization OR
  • 3 years of experience in translation/linguistic review of technical content + 1 year experience with CAT tools
  • Proven record of high quality translation in the target language, preferably for software applications and ability to translate simple UI strings, as well as marketing copy.
  • Attention to detail, especially as it pertains to language and UX nuances that fully and successfully convey our message on a local level and ensure the best user experience for the target market
  • BA/BS or equivalent 4 year university degree. Translation/ Linguistics or Computer science/ Software engineering or similar fields of study strongly desired.

Technical skills

  • Avid messaging and social media mobile app user with a strong passion for technology
  • Hands-on experience with desktop and cloud- based office software programs, including spreadsheets, databases, word processing and graphic presentation software, video conferencing tools)
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate through basic functionalities of mobile devices, use different operating systems and independently find relevant information to troubleshoot basic technical issues/ questions
  • Outstanding attention to detail, especially as it pertains to language nuances that fully and successfully convey our message on a local level as well
  • Ability to follow complex instructions, stay focused under pressure, prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously in the face of ambiguity and tight deadlines.
  • Understanding of localization platforms and file formats, and basic experience with CAT tools that manage and/or automate the translation workflow

Preferred Qualification

  • M.A. in Translation, Linguistics, or similar field of study
  • 5+ years of relevant experience in software localization, QA testing, Linguistic QA
  • 2+ years of experience with different CAT tools
  • Demonstrated knowledge of internationalization and localization standards and best practices
  • Experience in writing, copy-writing or editing in the language of expertise (especially for marketing material)
  • Experience with in depth terminology research, maintenance of linguistic assests such as glossaries and style guides, comparative analysis of competitors terminology and style

Additional Information

Welocalize, Inc., founded in 1997, offers innovative language services to help global brands reach audiences around the world in more than 175 languages. We provide translation and localization services, talent management, language tools, automation and technology, quality and program management. With more than 1,000 full-time employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Japan and China. www.welocalize.com