Category Lead

  • Zwolle, Netherlands
  • Full-time

Company Description

We want to become the #1 in the minds and hearts of families in the Netherlands. That is our vision. Our mission is to make the life of families in the Netherlands more beautiful and easy.

Our Customers tell us that happiness not only comes from the big moments, but especcialy from the small things; a spontanous pillow fight, a compliment or a hug. Thats why we offer our customers room to experience these suprisingly beautiful moments. That is our Purpose. That is how we want to make the difference. 

Within Category Management we work hard, every day, to supply our customers with the most relevant assortment possible to meet the need of the families in the Netherlands. 

Job Description

Our customer are families in the Netherlands. Our assortment needs to support our vision to become the #1 in heads and hearts of families in the Netherlands.

We need to ensure we have the right assortment mix including pricing and placement of products on our app and site. Every day, we need to optimize our offering and ensure a customer experience that fits our vision. Together, we need to define the roles of the categories from a customer point of view. After defining roles, we need to optimize our offering in terms of availability, pricing, content (information and advice) etc.

As a Category Lead, you will be responsible to deliver our customer based strategy through assortment expansion and digital optimization. You will base your plans, decision and approach on market and customer insights and continue verifying the underlying data.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Build and maintain a strong category bases on a deep understanding of the role of your current category to the whole
  • Make data driven strategic plans and decisions to enable sustainable growth throughout your category
  • Be a strong leader to your team, be a person the team wants to follow and assure the team will deliver results in terms of NPS, conversion and sustainable growth
  • Develop your team to learn every day and translate learnings into benefits for our customers
  • Help build a community of digital best practices in category management
  • Base decisions on insights and improve every day

A good understanding of our current state needs to be combined with a northstar in category management principles and practices. The ability to change and improve needs to be at the core of your way of working and your mindset can be described as agile. Agile in terms of thought and people leadership, with a focus on delivering impact in the here and now and help us transform our category management to fit the digital organization we aspire to be.

You also have an important role in setting up and developing your team and the people you work with. We work from a mutual agreement that fits a digital organization: “wehkamp grows, you grow, you grow, wehkamp grows”. We are looking for a category manager who is a leader and can guide, motivate and engage a large group of people who work in different kind of functions..

This position reports directly to the Chief Sales Officer.


We are looking for someone who can think strategically, act commercially, deliver operational excellence and obtain results quickly. Someone who is working from a win-win mindset with colleagues and partners and who invests in the people development of the teams.

  • Understanding of category development and the relevance of your category to the whole Wehkamp organization
  • Be totally data driven an make strategic plans and decision based on a deep understanding of your category data.
  • Proven track record in developing a category team of people as well in functional skills as personal skills.
  • You have a deep understanding of categories and a vision of where a category should be and could go to.
  • Know how to build a category with all aspects, from buying, onboarding and promoting to creating a mission and vision for your category.
  • Be analytical and translate the generated insights from the categories into actionable plans
  • Know how to implement changes and plans and drive the action behind it.
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