Associate Director - Programmatic Ad Serve

  • RMZ Centennial Internal Road, EPIP Zone, Brookefield, Bengaluru, कर्नाटक 560066, India
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Job Description

  • In this role, the person is expected to setup and manage end-to-end of the programmatic ad operations for clients of WNS. Specifically, the person is expected to  set up processes, systems and teams for retailers (publishers) to generate programmatic ad revenue through various deal types - open marketplace revenue, private marketplace revenue,  preferred deals, programmatic guaranteed deals, audience extension, data sale etc. The person is expected to work with various stakeholders such as compliance, privacy, SSPs. DSPs, brands & agencies, ecommerce teams and data teams to develop and drive a program plan for achieving the stated programmatic deal setup. Once the setup is complete, the person has to work with sales and engagement leads to drive campaigns to increase programmatic revenue and yield.


  • Overall 12+ years’ experience in program and project management
  • Atleast 3 years of experience with programmatic ad serve
  • Program & stakeholder management skills
  • Understanding of the data and inventory monetization / value chain in the programmatic ecosystem for both publisher and brands
  • Ability to define roadmap and dependencies to set up and run programmatic channels
  • Ability to steer stakeholders towards delivery of programmatic set up and operations
  • Ability to create requirements lists for client’s teams (website, consent, media team etc.)
  • Enable the sales team and ad ops team with relevant concepts, KPIs and manage productivity
  • Understanding of privacy, GDPR and data controls in the context of customer data handling for programmatic ad delivery
  • Awareness of SSP, DSP, GAM360, DV 360, GA 360, Adobe Analytics and other similar technical components of the entire ad tech
  • Knowledge of MOAT or similar 3rd party verification platforms
  • Knowledge of customer data platforms, segmentation and their interaction with programmatic ad delivery
  • Knowledge of customer segmentation / monetization strategies to command a higher yield
  • Awareness of data structures and E-commerce data, analytics is desirable
  • Reporting on programmatic performances
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience in managing clients, Vendors and other partners
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