Senior .NET Back-end developer - Scalable Web

  • Zwaanstraat, 5651 Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Full-time

Company Description

WAES stands for We Are Engineering Solutions. Founded only 3 years ago, with a mission to connect with global Software talent to work on the most innovative projects in the Netherlands. Our current business model is secondment of experienced Software professionals. However, we want to broaden our business model and become an awesome Software company.

“We love to push technology further to change peoples’ lives for the better.”

Right now, we are scaling up rapidly! In addition to the above-mentioned business model of secondment, we will add running software projects for clients, and software development for own future products, to the WAES-portfolio in the upcoming months. We will open our Amsterdam office in Q1 of 2019. These large ambitions come with large growth and massive opportunities! We are planning to quadruple in size from 50 today to over 200 in 2020. Will you take part in this adventure?

Job Description

You see the world around you having more and more computing power and connectivity. In your role as software developer you know that these massive amounts of data have technical challenges in the backend. Solutions you develop do not solely rely on vertical scaling as the amount of cores and their speed has it limits. You have engineered solutions that scale horizontally in which availability, resilience and through put go hand in hand. You do realize that bringing value and quality is essential and you do so by standing on the shoulders of industry giants. The means in your role you are capable to understand the actual core of problems and select and apply the right frameworks/tools and infrastructure. This way you deliver value and quality quickly.


You truly believe Agile/Scrum is the development methodology. By delivering features incrementally you welcome feedback from your stakeholders. To ensure quality in such an environment you write unit tests and refactor code where needed to move forward. “Red, green, refactor” is how you develop, think and ensure quality.

You are an integral part of the development team: you participate in user story writing/analysis and execution as you take your industry experience (at least 4 years) with you. A team player is who you are at heart, you get energized by working in a team and getting results as a team.

Your toolbox

You take pride in having a large toolbox. Think, but not exclusively:

  • .Net, C#, F#
  • Relational- and non-relational databases like Micosoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostGreSQL, RIAK, HBase, Cassandra
  • Hadoop, Spark, Storm
  • REST services, microservices
  • NServiceBus, RabbitMQ, SignalR, Celery, Kafka
  • Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, Microsoft Azure


Additional Information

Are you interested? Let us know and apply!

After application, this is what you can expect:

  1. We will review your application
  2. When we think that there might be a match, we will invite you for a skype-call with the recruiter.
  3. Are we all positive? Then we ask you to make an assignment. 
  4. When you are successful in the assignment, we will invite you for a technical interview. 
  5. After these interviews, we will decide whether or not to make you an offer to join us!

Are you this type of engineer? Express your interest and we get in touch with you!

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