Back-End Developer

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Venture Media is unique.  Think of it like a tech lab, building and evolving great tech ideas and projects with millions of eyeballs on our projects across mobile, social and the web.  The success of our web projects such as, our domain platform,, (and more) have allowed us the luxury of picking and choosing new or revamped ideas to either run with, or gather learning from to add to another project.

Job Description

We would like to discuss this position with you if you are a mid level back end software developer with a good track record in building distributed applications written in Ruby on Rails. You have a strong understanding of relational databases. You can show architect-level understanding of large systems in which you played an integral role. Throughout your career you have committed yourself to products over multiple releases. You have an understanding of version control and experience with git is a plus. You are passionate about good code and inspiring products and are looking for an opportunity to learn and build something that users love.


Please note that this role requires strong all-round JavaScript skills (including native JavaScript - not just JQuery).

Additional Information

Why work at Venture Media?
• If you value working on one of the top tech teams in Vancouver with people who like each other and have good hearts; who value trust, low politics, open-mindedness, flexibility, fun, not to mention a solid development practice we commit to that creates great tech - then you may like it here.  We don’t hire often, but when we do, we hire people who elevate the quality of life and product we are fortunate to have and build here.
• We have partnerships with the largest retailers in the world who rely on our mobile and web traffic to boost sales.  We have some of the highest-ranking Facebook pages with millions of likes and millions of people visiting our other projects and domains.  Our mobile apps have topped the Apple charts.  We have many happy users and our projects really are, real-time tested with many, many people.
• Our hours are flexible, our vacations generous, if you want to take a sabbatical, we do that sort of thing.  
• We value trust.  Trust makes it easier to get things done.
• We use modern, current technology and are not afraid to try something new.
• We are creating many different kinds of solutions that range from e-commerce integrations, building social network platforms to reinventing how the piano is played, digital sound processing and even more.
• We have great office in Yaletown that allows for creativity, inspiration, focused development and play. Our space includes a music room complete with a baby grand piano, ping pong, organic snacks, bike racks, standing/sitting desks, showers and more.  
• We believe in balance for our health in our work and life.  Half our company is cycling the Ride to Conquer Cancer, running fundraising runs, playing on our basketball teams and all of us enjoy our organic snacks, picnics and other fun time.  We also spend time together on staff trips.
• We are privately funded and we don’t answer to clients.  This is rare in business and it is fun as it allows us to explore and develop what tech we want to develop.  Ideas come both from our CEO and our staff via hackathons, competitions and more.
• At Venture Media, we know first-hand that a handful of talented and authentic individuals can come together to create amazing things, because we have done it before and we are doing it now.