Solution Engineer (EPS)

  • Prague, Czechia
  • Full-time

Company Description

Vendavo powers the shift to digital business for the world’s most demanding B2B companies, unlocking value, growing margin and accelerating revenue with our SaaS products. With an annual margin improvement totaling more than $2.5 billion across companies in chemicals, distribution, high-tech, and manufacturing. Vendavo is headquartered in Denver, CO and has offices around the globe. 

Job Description

Position Overview

We are looking for an experienced Solution Engineer to join our Services Engineering team here at Vendavo. You will be responsible for the delivery of Vendavo Enterprise of Vendavo enterprise pricing and profitability suite to our clients from among the Global 2000 around the world. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Interacting with the project team to understand customer requirements
  • Configuration of the pricing framework based on design specifications
  • Programming of client-specific business logic (pricing logic, document workflow etc.)
  • Advising the client on best practices for a specific industry
  • Integrating the Vendavo suite with customer systems

What you will like about the Solution Engineer role

  • Direct communication with our customers
  • Small teams where everyone matters and is an integral part of success
  • Opportunity to learn the pricing domain, business and pricing strategies of leading companies
  • Full responsibility for the solution design
  • Substantial personal autonomy and individual responsibility
  • Measurable value for the client on every single project we deliver
  • Everyday use of English  
  • Use of Agile methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban) 

Technologies we use daily

You will gather or deepen your knowledge of the following technologies (only major items are listed)

  • Java, Gradle, Groovy, VSL (proprietary scripting language), WIT (test automation framework)
  • Oracle Enterprise, Jetty, proprietary in-memory analytic engine (Pricemart)
  • Git/Stash, Jenkins, Docker
  • XML, REST / SOAP web services 
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Windows/MacOS (free choice)

A Day In Life

Here’s what a typical day might look like for you in this role:

  • You start your day reading through emails checking for any urgent issues that arose during the night
  • Then follows the stand-up call with the whole team where you got assigned the tasks for the day and priorities are defined.
  • A new project just had its kickoff call in the morning. You have a successive call with a consultant to go through the requirements to identify their complexity and caveats and provide rough estimations.
  • As a technical expert, you cooperate with the consultant and the rest of the team trying to find a creative solution for a tricky customer requirement within the boundaries of the platform.

Because you are done with the meetings for the time being, you have time to go through some of the client requests assigned to you:

  • A client needs to add new columns to the existing report, so you check the mockup provided by the project’s consultant and adjust the report accordingly. After local testing, you store the changes in Git, including your deployment and migration scripts and deploy to a test server for verification.
  • You start on the second task but soon realize that the requirements are ambiguous and need further clarification. Since the consultant responsible for the project is currently busy, you create a clarification ticket summarizing your concerns and suggest a follow up meeting
  • Because the second task is now blocked until clarified, you pick the next one which happens to be a complex new feature. You read through the requirements, user stories and mock ups to check for any inconsistencies or unclear parts. You think it through and have a quick discussion with a team member to identify the best course of action as she has done something similar in the past. Confident in the solution, you start working on the overall layout based on the mockups, fulfilling the requirements one by one… 
  • You head home early knowing that you still have a late afternoon demo meeting for a US-based customer where you need to participate as a technical support for the presenting consultant


We are looking for a team member who:

  • Is open to learning the pricing domain and understanding the business and needs of our customers
  • Is curious and willing to solve challenges
  • Is a real team player – shares experiences, helps, listens
  • Is customer-oriented
  • Possesses a strong sense of quality
  • Good knowledge of some object-oriented programming language
  • Knows XML
  • Knows SQL databases (Oracle on a user level is sufficient) 
  • Is familiar with at least one application server (this is a plus, Java AS preferred)

Additional Information

Company benefits:

  • Working within a team of highly skilled people
  • Opportunity to become a professional in the pricing domain
  • Professional growth and development opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Daily communication in English, international travel opportunities
  • Weekly English classes
  • Team spirited working environment
  • 25 days of vacation
  • Cafeteria of benefits
  • Lunch Vouchers
  • Company sponsored events for employees
  • Small refreshments every week
  • Competitive compensation
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