Assistant Program Director PN Program

  • Full-time

Company Description

Unitek Learning (Unitek Training Healthcare) is a mission-driven organization. Our team solves healthcare workforce shortages by educating the next generation of healthcare heroes. Founded in 2002, we have spent decades serving our community. Come help students achieve academic excellence through nursing, medical assisting, dental programs, and more.  Join our diverse family of faculty and staff and engage in work worth doing.

Job Description

The Assistant Program Director PN Program will assist the Program Director with instructional and management responsibilities for the specified Workforce Development site, be responsible for providing site supervision of nursing program activities, assist the Assistant Dean, Workforce Development with implementing special projects, and work with and function under the supervision of the campus Program Director.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Assists the Program Director and Assistant Dean, Workforce Development with planning, developing, managing, updating, and evaluating all aspects of the program including, but not limited to:
    1. Faculty and staff;
    2. Clinical site liaison;
    3. Clinical calendars and matrix;
    4. Curriculum development and implementation;
    5. Program compliance with Board and/or accreditor rules and regulations; site visits;
    6. Student advocate;
    7. Program policies and procedures;
    8. Faculty and student handbooks;
    9. Program budget;
    10. Supplies and equipment to meet program objectives.
  2. Assists with preparing data and other written materials for all required state and Board requirements, reports, proposals, self-studies, surveys, and site visits.
    1. Assists with maintaining on-site student records on site
    2. Collaborates with Human Resources to maintain required faculty and staff documentation;
    3. Identifies need for obtaining outside resources for the nursing program;
    4. Serves on program committees;
    5. Assists with admission process and orientation;
    6. Maintains teaching load of 50% in skills lab, sim lab, and/or clinical
    7. Ensures course and clinical evaluations are completed in a timely manner.
    8. Accepts other duties as assigned.

Clinical Responsibilities

  1. The academic director assists the Assistant Dean with the following aspects as relates to clinical sites:
    1. Thorough assessment of the ability of the agency to provide clinical experience that meets the objectives for application of theory and clinical course objectives. The assessment includes an analysis of risk, hazards and safety of all students, as well as ensuring adequate staffing to handle clinical objectives;
    2. Meets with specific clinical faculty and communicates with the Director of Nursing Academic Services regarding agency placements and to confirm number of students, faculty assignments, dates, times, and clinical objectives. Completes and forwards clinical approval forms as required prior to initiating clinical rotations;
    3. Meets monthly with Clinical Partner and Assistant Dean, Workforce Development to review clinical operations;
    4. Participates with the assigned clinical consortium;
    5. Ensures clinical evaluations are completed in a timely manner by assigned faculty;
    6. Collects and disseminates semester-end student and clinical site evaluations data to the Assistant Dean, Workforce Development;
    7. Communicates with the Clinical Education Management Department to maintain clinical facility contract updates;
    8. Maintains minutes of inter-agency meetings.

Faculty Responsibilities

  1. Participate as a member of the faculty teaching team in preparation and presentation of learning activities within the nursing curriculum.
    1. Assist with strategic planning and assessment of instructional initiatives to ensure quality of program.
    2. Utilize principles of teaching that recognize the characteristics of the adult learner;
    3. Makes continuous efforts to improve quality of instruction by reviewing and utilizing different and innovative methodologies and techniques in teaching;
    4. Demonstrates willingness to acquire skills for utilizing online activities as enhancers to course content/material during interactive teaching and learning;
    5. Ensures that clinical assignments, clinical rotation matrixes and calendars are completed one month prior to start of next rotation;
    6. Confirms that faculty is consistently following policies and guidelines as related to student clinical rotation experience;
    7. Ensures that student performance in theory and clinical learning objectives and outcomes is completed and documented in a timely manner by all faculty;
    8. Provides access to students for ongoing communication through scheduling of office hours, electronic communication and other appropriate methods;
    9. Provides feedback of clinical performance by students and faculty when completing site visit to facilities;
    10. Reviews student learning material on an ongoing basis and provides input for revision to faculty and at curriculum meeting; follows through as indicated;
    11. Oversees completion of student attendance records, skills check-off forms, and program data collection in maintained according to policies;
    12. Submits required program reports and forms to the Assistant Dean, Workforce Development in a timely manner;
    13. Keeps current with new technologies and safety regulations;
    14. Participates in student advising activities;
    15. Participates in committee activities that support the mission and function of the nursing program;
    16. Attends faculty meetings or delegates as indicated to faculty;

Student Responsibilities

  1. Develops skills lab and clinical site orientation, in conjunction with faculty and clinical partner;
  2. Participates in the planning and review process for the recruitment and admission of qualified nursing students;
  3. Advises and provide academic support to nursing students as indicated;
  4. Leads bi-weekly At-Risk meetings;
  5. In collaboration with the Assistant Dean, Workforce Development & the Bakersfield Campus Dean, ensures that all students have completed the necessary documentation and met the requirements for graduation and state licensing exam.

Salary starting at $90k


  1. Current valid and clear New Mexico Registered Nursing License;
  2. A master’s or higher degree from an accredited college or university that includes course work in nursing, education, or administration;
  3. A minimum of one year teaching experience in pre- or post-licensure nursing programs (associate, baccalaureate, masters, or doctoral);
  4. One year’s continuous experience as a registered nurse providing direct patient care and/or equivalent experience as determined by the Board of Nursing;
  5. Demonstrated leadership skills;
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  7. Committed to diversity, as defined by the California law;
  8. Ability to work collaboratively with external and internal stakeholders;
  9. Leadership style that emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and facilitation;
  10. Demonstrate proficiency with technology (MS Teams, Zoom, Learning Management Systems;
  11. Demonstrated ability to lead diverse teams;
  12. Experience in supervision, planning, budget preparation in program maintenance.

Additional Information

For Full Time Employees, We Offer:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision starting the 1st of the month following 30 days of employment
  • 2 Weeks’ starting Vacation per year.  Increasing based on years of service with company
  • 12 paid Holidays and 2 Floating Holiday
  • 401K with Company Match
  • Company Paid Life Insurance at 1x’s your annual salary
  • Leadership development and training for career advancement
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