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Since NEULANDT GmbH was founded in 2019, we have specialized in the active development of future-oriented construction solutions. N3P – the portable high-performance plant for the industrial production of precast concrete elements is our solution for overcoming the challenges that are faced the world over. Driven by passion and expertise, we are setting new benchmarks and transforming tomorrow’s living spaces for hundreds of people.

Personality and creativity drive innovation. We are the Future & Innovation Hub of the international Umdasch Group. We strategically invest in young technology products and companies and work on new business models in cooperation with international partners. Join us if you want to be part of a growing, family team of innovative and ambitious people.

Job Description

The Structural Engineer reports to the Head of the Engineering Department. He/she carries out design and production studies for a product, a part or a global structure in conjunction with the research and production teams. He/she also ensures the dimensioning and validation of structures or components designed by the Engineering Department.

I - Main tasks

  • Carry out pre-dimensioning calculations in the design phase
  • Carry out the dimensioning of structures (reinforced concrete or metal structure)
  • Participate in the definition of the design of structures
  • Ensure the definition of the assumptions of dimensioning of the structures on the basis of the reference frames
  • Carry out finite element calculations
  • Guarantee the conformity of the structures according to the specifications
  •  Evaluate the results and propose design recommendation levers
  •  To carry out the drafting of the notes of calculation
  • Ensure the follow-up of the validation tests of the mechanical structures

II - Specific missions

Analysis of customer requests

  • Solicit the various internal or external customers on current or future needs: identification and analysis of calls for tender, dialogue with the research teams or with the principals (marketing, general management, etc.).
  • Respond to requests from internal or external customers on the feasibility of projects and/or products: evaluation of deadlines, costs, production constraints, etc., alone or in conjunction with the quotation and estimation engineers.
  •  Monitor all technological news in the construction sector: new materials available, new safety standards or regulatory constraints.

Design studies

  • Ensure all calculations and analyses related to the overall structure of the product.
  • Design the overall structure from a material point of view and guarantee its technical feasibility: dimensioning of the various parts of the product or structure, choice of materials, etc.
  • Optimize the calculations by taking into account all the functional parameters of use of the work: ergonomics, simulations of conditions of use...
  • Propose technical or functional innovations to improve the work, taking into account the functional constraints.
  • Lead the Computer Aided Design teams (drafting engineer) and for the realization of plans and 3D diagrams of the final work.
  • Validate the final technical drawings submitted to the line manager or to the project owner.

 Production and/or construction studies

  • Analyze the various constraints related to the production of the final work, according to the plans and specifications defined upstream.
  • Propose the methodologies and manufacturing processes that will allow the successful completion of the work, taking into account the criteria of cost, deadlines, but also quality and functionality.
  • Produce detailed technical drawings with the CAD teams before going into production.
  • Follow and validate the selection of service providers, partners and/or suppliers involved in the realization of all or part of the final work.
  • Monitor the progress of production work in conjunction with the industrialization and/or production teams



  • Engineering degree or BAC + 4/5 in Civil Engineering, Construction, Architecture and related degrees from a polytechnic school specializing in building, civil engineering, structural mechanics, etc ...
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in the function within a design or architecture office
  • Good knowledge of REVITT and AUTOCAD software
  •  Good knowledge of European construction norm (EUROCODE)
  • Good knowledge of the construction and public works industry

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