Research Engineer – Innovator in 3D Concrete Printing

  • Olivier van Noortweg 10, 5928 LX Venlo, Netherlands
  • Full-time

Company Description

Concrefy is an international engineering firm specialised in concrete technology. Our concepts combine concrete technology, remote sensing techniques and data analysis in pragmatic Decision Support Tools to create added value for our clients worldwide. 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) will be changing construction world and will lead to one of the most breakthrough careers in the years to come. We invest in the development and application of 3DCP in the construction sector. It will enable greater productivity, sustainability, and flexibility in future.

Job Description

A better understanding of concrete microstructure and nanostructure opened the door for a new generation of building materials. As a Research Engineer, your primary task will be to determine the rheological requirements for printable concrete in terms of yield stress, viscosity, pumpability, flowability, extrudability, printability, water retention capacity, open time, elastic modulus, critical strain and buildability. Extrusion process at the level of the nozzle from a cement-based material point of view, will be investigated. Rheological requirements need to be defined based on printer specifications in order to prevent the flow of one layer or the strength-based failure of the rising printed concrete element. You will be combining knowledge in early-age concrete hydration and finite element method to obtain a structural concrete response. Concrefy wants to grow in the field of material optimisation within 3DCP. During the concrete printing process, a balance will be made between the rheological requirements of pumping, extrusion and buildability stages. 


We are looking for a highly motivated candidate, with an affinity to 3D printing, materials science, structural engineering and computational mechanics. Successful candidate will have a knowledge of relevant rheological requirements for printable cement-based materials, its early-age behaviour and mechanical properties. Experience is preferred within the field of 3DCP with an interest in fresh performance and rheological test systems. Early-age concrete hydration and computational modelling are very welcome.

The candidate background for this position, needs to meet the following criteria:

  • At least MSc (or equivalent) degree in Civil/structural engineering, materials science or mechanical engineering from a Technical University;
  • Completed previous research projects based on extruded cement-based materials;
  • Developing testing protocols for material characterisation within 3DCP;
  • Background in Finite Element Method theory and Eurocodes is welcome;
  • Previous experience in 3DCP large-scale projects is a big plus;
  • Knowledge and interest in: concrete science, early-age concrete hydration, computational modelling and simulations;
  • Analytical mindset and an ability to work independently as well as in teams;
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to write reports in English.

Additional Information

This position offers you versatile work, a stimulating and innovative work environment with collegial employees and optimal opportunities to get the best out of yourself. The salary depends on your experience and knowledge level. You will receive 28 vacation days, pension allowance, a laptop and a cell phone. When you join Concrefy you get the chance to make a real impact on the success story of the organization. 

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