Compensation & Benefits Specialist 薪酬福利专员

  • Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

Established in 2008, Ubisoft Chengdu is one of the key game studios in western China and a full-fledged production center, with over 320 talents contributing to Ubisoft’s line-up. We have a strong track record of co-development on Ubisoft’s biggest brands such as Assassin’s Creed®, Skull and Bones™ and For Honor®, as well as developing casual games such as Rabbids party game and bringing hit titles to Switch.  

Meanwhile, we are also a pioneer in cutting-edge technology driving Ubisoft’s “games as a service (GAAS)” ethos. Chengdu’s technology team develops products that empower production teams to make educated, data-driven decisions on hit Ubisoft brands.

To find out more, please visit our website: or our WeChat account (UBISOFT育碧or 育碧招聘).


同时,育碧成都工作室也是研发前沿性技术的领军者,其“Games As A Service  (GAAS)” 的理念带领企业不断推陈出新。成都工作室的技术团队开发的产品被运用于育碧旗下众多知名游戏品牌,有效协助研发团队基于科学数据做出准确决策。



Job Description

About the role

As a Compensation & Benefits Specialist at Ubisoft Chengdu, you will be responsible for payroll processing and administrating benefit programs, as well as implementing and maintaining the compensation and benefits policies and initiatives and ensuring that they are in line with China legal compliance and HR department objectives.

You will work closely with the HR Operations Manager and partner cross-functionally to ensure that our compensation and benefits processes are robust and scalable to support Ubisoft Chengdu’s future growth.

What you will do

  • Ensuring each pay cycle at the end of the month is processed accurately and on time: reporting the social charge and housing fund data, collecting and summarizing the attendance data, filling out payroll data, verifying and administering payroll data, reconciling and maintaining payroll records, monitoring and managing payroll legislation compliance, filling out the payroll-related reports submitted to the Finance Department and answering questions from employees and supervisors regarding payroll matters, etc.
  • Focusing on benefits program implementation and administration: Benefits communication, enrollment, personnel records maintenance, documents preparation and filing for implementing benefit coverage for social charge, housing fund, overtime, annual leave, commercial insurance, medical check up, and other benefit items etc.
  • Assisting international employees and their families in matters related to international relocation, such as handling accommodation registration, work permits and visas, assisting in finding residence and moving, finding international schools for children, providing tax declaration data, and assisting in reimbursement of relevant welfare expenses, etc.
  • Assist international and local employees in international or domestic assignments, such as assignment plan communication, visa processing, and follow-ups on other assignment support services.
  • Maintaining personnel records about salary, bonuses, benefits, leaves of absence, etc. and assisting in various personnel certificate issuance.
  • Cooperating and conducting various governmental audits, company audits and data research tasks, preparing and presenting reports to meet legislative obligations and company management.
  • Partnering cross-functionally to optimize and/or automate our internal processes, including human resourses related systems or platform configuration, implementation and maintenance, etc.
  • Performing other ad-hoc duties and projects as assigned.






  • 准确及时地核算员工薪资:包括但不限于提报五险一金增减、汇总出勤数据、填报工资数据、核对工资总额和净额、管理和维护工资记录、管控工资的合法合规性、填写工资相关报表提交财务部门以及回答员工和管理人员的工资相关问题等。
  • 负责日常福利项目的管理和实施, 包括但不限于社保、公积金、加班、年假、商业保险和体检等福利项目的沟通、登记、数据维护和更新以及文件准备和归档等日常事务。
  • 协助国际员工及其家人的国际搬迁相关事务, 如办理住宿登记、工作许可和签证、协助寻找住所和搬家、寻找子女国际学校等、提供报税数据、协助相关福利费用报销等。
  • 协助国际员工和中方员工的国际或国内派遣相关事务,如派遣方案沟通、签证办理以及其他派遣支持服务跟进等。
  • 记录和管理有关工资、奖金、福利、请假等的人事记录,并协助出具各项人事证明。
  • 配合和协助各项政府审计、公司审计和数据调研等工作,准备和提交相关数据或报告。
  • 参与跨职能合作以优化公司内部流程,包括人力资源或与人力资源相关的系统或平台配置、实施和维护,以及其他自动化流程等。
  • 执行和完成其他分配的临时职责或项目。


What you should be equipped with

  • Prior experience in processing monthly payroll
  • Excellent MS Office skills (MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
  • Adequate knowledge of China labor laws and regulations
  • Good Chinese & English written and oral communication skills
  • Self-starter, with the ability to plan and work with multiple priorities
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills


  • 具有月度算薪工作经验;
  • 熟练使用 MS Office软件(MS Excel、MS PowerPoint);
  • 了解国家劳动法、劳动合同法等法律法规;
  • 良好的中英文书面和口语交流能力;
  • 自我驱动,能计划和处理多个优先事项;
  • 具有良好的分析和解决问题的能力;
  • 具有较强的人际交往能力和沟通能力。

Additional Information

Good to know
As we aim to build a team who continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible within game development (and because we love to learn and grow from the people around us), we might ask you to do a practical test as a part of the recruitment process. 

We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about you. 

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