Director, Cinematics

  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Full-time

Job Description

As a Cinematics Director at Ubi MTL at the Helix team, you will be responsible for the production and quality of the cinematic.

What you'll do:

  • Work in close collaboration with the creative/narrative director and project to develop concepts;
  • Ensure that the message is clear and the narrative is in line with the vision for the title;
  • Structure and organize the content so that it contributes to project, player and spectator satisfaction;
  • Suggest various ways of communicating a visual message based on project objectives;
  • Validate project deliverables and lead content and brainstorming meetings;
  • Provide feedback and support and work with production teams to meet quality objectives by the deadlines;
  • Communicate the content objectives to the graphic design team with the art direction’s approval;
  • Play an active role in producing game trailers, if applicable;
  • Carry out all related tasks.


  • Lead the team and oversee the quality of the production of the elements that make up the cut scenes;
  • Collaborate with scriptwriters to iterate and enhance scripted scenes whenever required;
  • Collaborate with level designers to ensure coherence in terms of the geographic position of the scenes within the levels, as well as the notions of action continuity and flow for the player;
  • Lead the actors (voice, motion capture, live action) and/or the team of subcontractors involved in the shoots;
  • Play an active role in voice recordings, sound mixing and final product editing (if applicable).


What you bring to the team:

  • Relevant experience (video games, TV broadcasting or film);
  • Strong technical skills and extensive cinematographic culture;
  • Understanding of the cinematographic craft;
  • Artistic qualities and multimedia art skills;
  • Solid understanding of video games and extensive video game culture;
  • Influence and positive leadership;
  • Strong creative sense;
  • Open-mindedness and consensus-building skills;
  • Solid communication skills;
  • Excellent customer vision.

Just a heads up: If you require a work permit, your eligibility may depend on your education and years of relevant work experience, as required by the government.

What to send our way

  • Your CV, highlighting your background and skills

A real live person will review your application. In this case, it’s our talent acquisition specialist Eric. As he learns more about you through your profile, get to know him through the video below.

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