Associate Designer

  • Cary, NC, USA
  • Full-time

Job Description

Red Storm Entertainment has an exciting opportunity for a passionate Associate Game Designer to join our world class team!  As an associate designer you will help drive the development of multiple support systems and have a hand in analyzing playtest feedback and tuning features to create the best player experience possible.

Major Responsibilities:

·        Own Support Systems – Take a key role to drive the development of support systems such as Leaderboards and Benchmarking tools that help support the projects core gameplay.

·        Design and Document – Assist the lead designer and other designers to flesh out feature designs and documentation for all assigned features.

·        Assist in implementation – Work with technical designers to learn and utilize the tools provided by the project team to implement gameplay as directed.

·        Assist in driving feature development - Constantly review the progress of the game and suggest adjustments of assigned features to match the vision.

·        Assist design group –Provide feedback to other designers on ideas, features, gameplay, and design documents and contribute actively to brainstorming sessions.

·        Understand and support Game Vision – Have a proficient knowledge of the core vision of the game, design documentation and in-game implementation to assist the Lead Designer in disseminating the vision to any audience.

·        Regular Playtesting – Remain knowledgeable of the entire game throughout production to assist in productive playtesting sessions and to provide actionable feedback.

·        Competitive Analysis – Periodically play and complete analysis of relevant competitor’s games and features.

·        Be self-driven - Produce work in an efficient and timely manner, adhering to an agreed-upon schedule.


·        Strong verbal and written communication skills

·        1+ years of design experience preferred

·        Extensive knowledge of games in many genres across all platforms

·        Demonstrated ability to effectively document original ideas and concepts

·        Strong interpersonal skills—able to interact with team members of different disciplines

·        Willingness to respond to and adapt to constructive criticism

·        Working knowledge of all Microsoft Office applications

·        Deep passion for games as a craft

·        Good positive attitude and outlook

·        Familiarity with Ubisoft products

·        Experience with multiplayer games, open world games, role playing games, and/or live games preferred

·        College degree in related field preferred

·        Candidates for this position should be prepared to provide samples, including game scripts, design documents, and/or writing samples

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

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