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Company Description

Be a part of the most exciting and innovating video game company in China. Come to work in Shanghai, an amazing city renowned as “Paris of the East”.

Together with a team of multi-national professionals equipped with the cutting-edge technologies, you can be assured of an experience that is both aspirational and fulfilling.

By working in Shanghai studio, you will also be offered with an array of career development opportunities, an abundant training resources, and moreover, a stimulating and creative work environment.

If you’re looking for this kind of job opportunity, you’ll find it here at Ubisoft Shanghai.

Join us for an exciting adventure and make great games!

Job Description


As a junior game tester, you will be working as part of the develop team to support the game delivery & release. You will be in charge of testing various games which are developed by the production team or other Ubisoft studios. Your tasks include the following:



·         Assist the QC team to test various projects.

·         Help to report bugs into the database, verify the bugs which are claimed fixed by the programmers.

·         Help to complete the bug details via taking screenshots, capturing movies or other materials.

·         Help to validate the game features according to the design documents.

·         Help to create, follow and fill out the checklists made by QC team.

·         Other pertinent tasks


Key Skills:

·         Patience and focus ability: The game tester will need to play the same game in same areas again and again for many times to make sure there is no bug missing. So the tester must have good patience and focus ability.

·         Sense of bugs ability: During your work, you could judge if the problem is a bug or not by the design document but more often, you need to judge by your knowledge of the gameplay, so we hope you are an experienced player who has spent lots of time on all kinds of games, especially on mobile games.

·         Office skills: You will need knowledge in MS Office suite such as Word, Excel etc.

·         Communication skills: You will need to work with the whole develop team including QC team, programming team, art team and the 3rd party team. You may need to communicate with those different people during your work. So good communication skills is a plus.

·         English skills: Good command of writing and spoken English is a plus.



·         High passion in game.

·         Proven experience of playing mobile games and the sense of game design is a strong advantage.

·         Proactive and organized person.

Additional Information


The Ubisoft China business team is currently seeking a Junior Game Tester Intern to help with testing tasks of various games to assure the good quality of our products which are released mainly in Chinese market.


Contract Type: an internship with a potential hire after the evaluation period

Start Date: ASAP

Place of Work: Ubisoft Shanghai Office

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