Graphics Programmer

  • Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Full-time

Job Description

Purpose of the Position

The Graphics Programmer is autonomously responsible for the graphics quality of the game. He/she can develop Graphics features based on DirectX/OpenGL on internal/external Engine. This includes, analyzing requirements, designing solutions, and implementing. The other important responsibility is optimizing the game performance.


Job Requirements

-       3+ years of C++ programming experience.

-       Knowledge in Mathematics and 3D rendering algorithms.

-       Experienced in 3D Graphics programming in games.

-       Good knowledge of OpenGL ES3.0, GLSL and /or HLSL shaders.

-       Experienced in writing shaders and working with 3D Studio Max.

-       Advanced understanding C/C++, C# and Object Oriented Programming.

-       Experience using Microsoft Visual Studio or other IDE, etc. for software development.

-       Good understand of game technology principles.

-       Able to analyze requirement, experience of designing solution, implementing and debug the technology.

-       Able to program and debug on complex applications using object-oriented or procedural programming.

-       Commitment to personal and peer development and sharing best practices.

-       Must be responsible, proactive, accountable, and personable.

-       Passion for creating and playing AAA games.

-       Excellent communication skills in English (rated at 1.5 out of 5.0 based on the test given by HR department).


Job Responsibilities

-       To develop and maintain Graphics features and shaders based on an internal Engine for various platforms.

-       Offer advice/ suggestions, and develop tools to improving the development process.

-       Use proper tools to analyze the rendering pipeline performance and identify bottleneck.

-       Optimize the game graphics performance.

-       Develop solutions to address actual needs and actively verify these solutions.

-       Write clean, modular, robust code and meet the coding standard.

-       Be a positive, active and contributing team member.

-       To be proactive to collect feedback and help with solutions and problem solving.

-       Communicate the progress of your work to your peers, customers, and leads.

-       Sharing the knowledge with teammates.

-       Mentor junior programmers on how to improve their performance and have good working habits.

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