Narrative Director

  • Québec City, QC, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Founded in 2005, the Ubisoft Quebec City studio stands out among the video game industry leaders. Involved in several key Ubisoft franchises, the studio and its 500+ employees have managed to achieve cutting-edge expertise, positioning itself in the development of major AAA games. After being involved in Assassin's Creed since 2010, the Quebec team has succeeded in taking the leadership of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

Job Description

The narrative director will ensure the quality of the game’s cinematic and gameplay direction. The candidate must be an expert in managing the collaboration between narrative and design to create intense emotional and engaging experiences.

The narrative director will support the project vision established by the creative director by overseeing the elements that dictate the tone and the flow of the experience.

The narrative director will work in close collaboration with the creative director, game director, lead scriptwriter, artistic director, audio director and programming project lead to develop game highlights and ensure the tonal coherence of the player experience.


The main and routine tasks of the Narrative Director are to:

* Ensure that the game’s creative vision is respected during the production phases, including (but not limited to) development of main characters and key narrative moments, from initial design to the final game;

* Oversee game direction by suggesting dynamic production systems to magnify the emotions elicited through gameplay;

* Coach the narrative team (level designer, animator, audio designer, etc.) to ensure that target production elements are effectively integrated;

* Specifically coach event scriptwriters to ensure the development and integration of production elements;

* Work in close collaboration with the narrative game designer, creative director, lead scriptwriter and, graphic and animation artistic director to oversee narrative production in the game by producing scripted moments and in-game play (to support gameplay intentions) and ensure their fluidity;

* Work in close collaboration with the cinematic director to ensure continuity between playable moments and cinematic sequences;

* Oversee the script/scene breakdown, casting, voice recordings, movement creation process and final tweaking of various scenes and sequences;

* Work on the game’s main Target Game Footage (TGF) and support the creative direction;

* Ensure that the game values are respected during the production phases, including (but not limited to) development of the main characters and key narrative moments in collaboration with the lead scriptwriter and narrative game designer, from initial design to the final game;

* Understand the gameplay elements and assess how they could affect the development of the story and be adjusted;

* Validate the game’s overall directorial coherence:

** Oversee the quality of the composition, framing, camera, music and special effects for gameplay and non-play sequences to ensure that the creative director’s vision is rendered as faithfully as possible on the screen;

** Communicate instructions on features and assets development specific to narration (e.g. scripted events and dynamic systems elements such as dynamic camera, AI, dialogues, etc.);

* Be one of the main points of contact for talents from the film industry;

In collaboration with the Creative Team:

* Contribute to the blueprint and design processes to ensure that the narrative scenes and cinematic are integrated into the gameplay;

* Contribute to the development and presentation of the main characters;

* Contribute to the overall project vision, especially by focusing on key narrative moments



College diploma in a creative field.

Bachelor’s degree an asset.

Relevant experience:

At least ten years’ experience on AAA games or multimedia projects.

Narrative direction experience in the game production process.

Skills and knowledge:

* Influence and positive leadership

* Great creativity

* Open-mindedness and ability to create consensus

* Good communication skills

* Excellent artistic and multimedia arts skills

* Vast video game understanding and culture

* Strong technical skills and extensive film culture

* Understanding of good practices in film and ability to transfer them to interactive video game development

* Excellent client-focus

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