Level Design Director

  • Québec City, QC, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Ubisoft Québec is a leader in the video game industry and is located in the heart of Quebec City’s Saint-Roch neighbourhood. Involved in many of Ubisoft’s flagship franchises, the studio gained a strong expertise, leading to its implication in the development of AAA games. The 475 talented people are united by the desire of pushing boundaries, building high quality worlds and creating memorable gaming experiences.

Job Description

The Level design director will oversee the content and quality of the game’s level design. The incumbent will also ensure that the pace, the game’s progression and the learning strategy are balanced and in line with the game’s overall vision in order to maximize the user experience.


* Create the level design vision based on the creative direction and external sources (reference films, competitor games, design documents) by organizing mission briefings and paying special attention to the quality of the data integration into the engine;

* Set out the game’s progress (rational level design) in collaboration with the game designer by ensuring that, once established, the steps are clearly communicated to the player through the story, missions and tutorials;

* Communicate level design expectations to the team in terms of quality and content through documents that describe the gameplay experience and ensure that these expectations are properly understood;

* Validate the work carried out by the team to ensure that quality objectives are met and that the elements that are produced are in line with the level design vision for the game, especially through iterative reviews to test the player experience;

* Ensure that level design guidelines are followed by working in close collaboration with the project leads, directors and technical directors and the level design group;

* Assess game changes based on playtest, editorial or marketing feedback by suggesting solutions that are in line with the level design vision;

* Contribute to work planning as a content expert in collaboration with planning directors in an effort to find the balance between the quality that is expected and the ability to deliver the game (in terms of time, costs, resources, etc.);

* Carry out all other related tasks.



* College diploma in Game design or equivalent training.

Relevant Experience

* Minimum 5 years’ experience in the video game industry or other relevant experience;

* Experience in his/her field at all phases in the game production process;

* Experience as a Team lead or Project leader an asset.

Skills and Knowledge

* Creativity;

* Ability to communicate a vision;

* Good interpersonal skills;

* Perspective;

* Ability to manage innovation;

* Client/user focus;

* Ability to maintain good relations with executives.