Creative Director

  • Québec City, QC, Canada
  • Full-time

Job Description


The incumbent will develop the game’s overall vision (message and player experience). The creative director will orient the different production specialities so as to create interactive and entertainment elements that support the vision.


The main and routine tasks of the Creative Director are to:

* Collaborate with the producer so as to define the game’s vision and scope;

* Understand the firm’s strategic intentions for the product and work towards achieving them;

* Define the vision and establish the foundations of the game (meaning, experience, context);

* Direct the work of the core team so that the project’s creative vision is included in all of the different aspects of production (artistic, design, and programming);

* Consistently validate the coherence and quality of the game;

* Be the spokesperson for the game’s vision within the team and for the press and corporate management;

* With the producer, determine the production scope priorities and eventual adjustments;

* Carry out all other related tasks.

Additional Information


SSHGD in game design or equivalent years of experience

Relevant experience:

10 year's of experience in video game development.

Other Skills:

* Be a positive leader;

* Strong creative skills;

* Ability to listen;

* Ability to communicate efficiently (spoken and written)

* Vast general culture;

* Ability to make decisions;

* Ability to delegate and trust in the skills of others.