Gameplay Programmer

  • Québec City, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Ubisoft Québec is a leader in the video game industry and is located in the heart of Quebec City’s Saint-Roch neighbourhood. Involved in many of Ubisoft’s flagship franchises, the studio gained a strong expertise, leading to its implication in the development of AAA games. The 500 talented people are united by the desire of pushing boundaries, building high quality worlds and creating memorable gaming experiences.

Job Description

Open position continuously for 2019 recruitment needs

The selected applications will be kept in the bank and we will contact them according to our needs

Unsuccessful candidates will be contacted within one month after receiving their application

The gameplay programmer will ensure the impact of at least one of the two following axes:

1/ Player’s comfort (playability): The link between the player’s actions and the subsequent behaviours of his/her character and consequences on the evolution of the game. Implementations pertaining to controls, cameras, menus/interfaces and animation integration significantly affect the player’s comfort.

2/ The behaviours of the characters and systems that are not controlled by the player: The decision level of these entities, the level of action and the level of perception. The work must ensure the plausibility of the behaviours and the fun capital generated by these behaviours, as set out by the game designers.


The main and routine tasks of the gameplay programmer are to:

* Analyze and understand the game design documents in order to define the required features and game systems that must be developed in the engine;

* Analyze existing features in the engine and determine if they meet project intentions and establish ways to adapt these features to meet game needs whenever necessary;

* Anticipate potential game design changes and ensure that the implementation of the game systems will easily support these changes;

* Use prototyping techniques to demonstrate the validity/invalidity of a gameplay idea;

* Use different reverse engineering techniques to effectively analyze the features of a competitor’s game mechanics;

* Whenever necessary, suggest enhancements by designing and implementing new systems or modifying existing systems;

* Collaborate with programmers in other sectors, game designers, level designers and animators to discuss constraints and establish the technical possibilities for the different gameplay features;

* Implement and optimize the interaction controls and systems with the game designer to ensure fluid playability;

* Validate and verify if the newly developed systems meet project intentions and are coherent with the existing code;

* Ensure that the implementation of the game controls and systems provides the player experience set out by the game design team;

* Work iteratively and involve designers when implementing new features;

* Work with other working units to develop the tools required to efficiently adjust the gameplay;

* Support the gameplay features and systems designed for production;

* Determine and fix the gameplay bugs detected by the production and quality control teams;

* Document the work so as to share knowledge and enable users (programmers and team members from other working units) to understand how to use the new gameplay systems and features;

* Carry out all other related tasks.



Bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering or equivalent training.

Relevant Experience

Experience in software programming (ideally in the video game sector) or other relevant experience.

Skills and Knowledge


* Attention to detail;

* Client/user focus;

* Sense of initiative;

* Analytical and synthesis skills;

* Flexibility when organizing work;

* Good interpersonal skills;

* Ability to work as part of a team;

* Ability to quickly adapt to change;

* Results driven.

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