Illustrator (Environment Concept Artist)

  • Montreal, Canada
  • Full-time

Job Description

Ubisoft Montreal, an industry leading developer of video games, located in the heart of Montreal’s Mile-End, offers a unique environment where creativity, teamwork and cutting-edge technology bring to life critically acclaimed video games and iconic AAA franchises. You will benefit from a competitive compensation package, an open learning environment, and contribute to an international team driving innovation.




The illustrator will develop the 2D elements that will constitute the graphic representations of ideas, provide inspiration and become references for the graphic design production team.




The main and routine tasks of the illustrator are to:

  • Sketch, draw and design art concepts for game design documents to make the vision of the graphic design AD more tangible;
  • Create environments, characters, objects, atmospheres and the general style to provide practical content that direct and indirect groups can capitalize on;
  • Produce sketches to help the AD show the preliminary project intentions;
  • State ideas based on direction and the advancement of the project with screenshot paint overs and retakes of existing illustrations;
  • Make any necessary changes to ensure that the work is in keeping with the artistic vision;
  • Convey the colour pallets sought by AD by using it in concepts;
  • Iterate on selected sketches by adding more detail;
  • Account for technical constraints and limitations to suggest realistic concepts;
  • Carry out all other related tasks.




College diploma in fine arts or equivalent.



Relevant Experience


Minimum 1-3 years’ experience in illustration or other relevant experience.



Skills and Knowledge

  •  Creativity;
  •  Observation skills;
  •  Ability to accept feedback and adapt to change;
  •  Listening skills;
  •  Knowledge of 3D software;
  •  Architectural knowledge;
  •  Anatomical knowledge;
  •  Knowledge of image composition.