Harm Reduction Case Manager

  • Full-time

Company Description

As the only comprehensive AIDS service organization in its Michigan ten-county area, UNIFIED's mission is to provide HIV related services to the community through compassionate direct care, prevention and outreach activities. We invite you to explore UNIFIED and learn about HIV testing, the depth of services UNIFIED provides and how you can get involved.

Job Description

The Harm Reduction Case Manager, reporting to the Behavioral Health Director, provides support to UNIFIED-HIV Health and Beyond participants and connects them to various external resources, including providing housing referrals, etc. The Harm Reduction Case Manager acts as a liaison between UNIFIED-HIV Health and Beyond participants and other service providers, and ensures that UHHB participants have all the necessary support for adequate physical and mental health.

Annual Salary: $40,000


  • Provide Unified HIV Health and Beyond participants with support in navigating systems necessary for the best possible physical and mental health, including but not limited to, healthcare, housing, income support, and legal

  • Build relationships with other social and healthcare service providers and provide referrals to these services as needed by Unified HIV Health and Beyond participants

  • Provide advocacy and peer/experiential worker support to Unified HIV Health and Beyond participants in a culturally safe manner  

  • Support Unified HIV Health and Beyond members in filling out applications for housing, income assistance and other applications (ID, Insurance, etc.)

  • Provide flexible and tailored supports for Unified HIV Health and Beyond participants, including accompanying them to appointments in various settings such as hospitals/ clinics, housing agencies, courts, and funerals

  • Represent Unified HIV Health and Beyond at relevant stakeholder meetings, community meetings, and other events as requested/ needed

  • Provide training and support to the Clinical Therapist for Unified HIV Health and Beyond participants and support them in developing their own capacities and self-advocacy skills

  • Track trends in substance use, community responses and harm reduction as encountered through interactions with different organizational partners, and inform and educate Unified HIV Health and Beyond members about these 

  • Maintain Unified HIV Health and Beyond members’ confidentiality by ensuring that correspondence and information is locked securely in Unified HIV Health and Beyond’s filing cabinet or on a secured internet data server.

  • Participate in and provide input on the evaluation of the role to identify benefits, challenges, and potential improvements.

Additional Information

  • Bachelors degree in Social Work, Human Services or a combination of education and 2 years experience.

  • Direct lived/ living experience with substance use and related health and social conditions such as poverty, criminalization, sex work, homelessness and other physical or mental health issues 

  • Current knowledge and familiarity with local social services and supports, as well as with local communities of people who use substances

  • Ability to develop trusting relationships with participants and work from a relational place, i.e. to build trust through relationships

  • Ability to bridge gaps between UHHB participants seeking supports such as housing, and those in more professionalized settings (i.e. nurses, housing workers, treatment staff, etc).

  • Knowledge and use of effective communication skills, both in dealing with participants as well as other service providers

  • Willingness to learn effective ways to communicate and move through conflict in challenging situations 

  • Possess a strong foundation rooted in harm reduction, cultural safety and individual autonomy

  • Ability to provide leadership, give direction, tasks and appropriate constructive feedback to participants  

  • Ability to uphold appropriate boundaries for/with participants seeking support, as well as for personal wellbeing and sustainability 

  • A good understanding and ability to maintain appropriate work/life boundaries for themselves and when supporting participants

  • Self-motivated and able to work independently and as well as within a team

  • Good computer skills, including ability to operate email and basic documents, as well as perform online searches to conduct research and provide support for individuals