Senior Engineer, Front-End Infrastructure - Signals Tooling

  • Boston, MA, USA
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description

Twitter is what’s happening and what people are talking about right now. For us, life's not about a job, it's about purpose. We believe real change starts with conversation. Here, your voice matters. Come as you are and together we'll do what's right (not what's easy) to serve the public conversation.


Job Description

Signals Tooling bridges human expertise and automation to help serve the public conversation. We build internal web applications that enable internal domain specialists to curate content, battle misinformation, and enforce civic integrity policies on outward-facing Twitter services and products.

The team consists of eight full-stack developers spanning from apprentice to staff and coast to coast. As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve recognized that we need to specialize to meet our goals. For this position, we are looking for a senior front-end engineer to lead web infrastructure efforts. You will have a lot of freedom to explore and propose solutions for the team, but we are hoping that your work will ease development and deployment, improve monitoring, and increase our team’s velocity. 

Here are some proposed projects that illustrate our hopes for this role:

  • Continue our efforts to adopt React Testing Library by sharing code coverage metrics that the team can improve upon over time. 

  • Investigate and deploy monitoring solutions while proposing new processes with our quality engineer to reproduce, prioritize, and fix identified issues.

  • Promote web excellence on the team by adding accessibility linting rules, identifying non-inclusive language in our code, and supporting localization in our applications. 


These are just our ideas. If you join, we will rely on your expertise to identify the most impactful work.  


You do not need a computer science degree to apply, but below are some of the things we expect to see in our applicants. If you’re passionate about front-end engineering and Twitter, we encourage you to apply!

What you’ll need to have:

  • At least three years of experience working on web applications as a software engineer. Bonus points if you have any past work experience in customer service, hospitality, or retail.

  • Experience leading significant additions to a full-stack web application using the latest versions of React (e.g. crafting or modifying build processes, adding unit testing libraries, deploying web applications to the internet, etc).

  • A detailed understanding of Javascript and Typescript.

  • Familiarity with multiple parts of the web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, cookies, headers, asset loading / caching, security, etc.)

  • An understanding of CS concepts including common data structures and algorithms

  • A structured approach to testing and quality assurance

  • Experience designing and implementing REST or GraphQL APIs 

  • Job history working alongside product managers, designers, quality assurance, and backend engineers.

  • Clear and concise written communication. Ideally, experience explaining technical details to non-technical customers.

Additional Information

A few other things we value:

Challenge - We solve some of the industry’s hardest problems. Come to be challenged, learn, and thrive as an engineer.

Diversity - Diversity makes us a better organization and team. We value diverse backgrounds, ideas, and experiences.

Work, Life, Balance - We work hard, but we believe with hard work should come balance.


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