Senior Backend developer

  • Miroslava Miholića 2, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Full-time

Company Description

Trikoder, part of Styria Digital Marketplaces, is one of the leading Croatian software development companies specialized in the custom development of complex online systems with custom business logic, high performance and traffic. Our current Trikoder team consists of 60 experts in different fields like back-end, front-end, mobile, design and data science. In our 11 years, we have built many outstanding professionals, we have created know-how and high standards resulting in many foreign projects, as well as continuous long-term cooperation with domestic clients. Njuškalo is currently our main and biggest project.

To satisfy the growing needs of Njuškalo platform, we are in search for additional developers. There are many challenges that await you: further internationalization of our platform (currently our platform runs in Croatia and Slovenia), implementation of many new functionalities (e.g. reviews of sellers), improving and expanding current features (e.g. photo recognition) ... And you can solve such challenges with support and mentorship of our tried and tested seniors.

What should you expect in Trikoder:

  • project running on latest Symfony 4.4 and PHP 7.4  
  • application containerized in Docker
  • peer review of your work
  • writing automated tests is mandatory 
  • Gitlab CI checks all tests are green on each commit
  • modern Gitlab tooling (ie. use of environments, CD, CI pipelines etc … )
  • dedicated Quality Assurance team
  • architecture team that ensures support and definitions of latest architectural and industry standards
  • working with modern technologies (Elasticsearch, Redis, Beanstalkd)
  • education as part of work and knowledge sharing ( ie.internal meet-ups (called show offs) for knowledge sharing every Monday, courses, workshops and trainings)
  • new employees have an onboarding plan with dedicated mentor
  • agile workflow on multiple development teams 
  • established business and development processes
  • boy scout rules encouraged 
  • developers that do developer work, no unnecessary emails 
  • opportunities to work on open source projects as a part of work time
  • time for writing blogs and preparing conference talks with the support from mentors and experts (if you want)

If you find our story interesting, contact us! We will be more than glad to hear more about you and to share more details about the position of Senior Back-end developer in Trikoder!


Job Description

We have 5 senior positions open, and here you can find out on which Njuškalo projects:

  • monitoring and anomaly detection
  • data lake
  • deploy system automation
  • system upgrades (Elastic, Redis, MySQL, etc)
  • refactoring code to help support latest industry standards
  • refactoring code to help business spread to new markets
  • and other interesting new features and technology improvements

Our senior devs are also going to be: 

  • collaborating with colleagues working on the project, both technical and business oriented
  • collaborating with team members to deliver software increments with emphasis on quality
  • participating in brainstorming sessions with development team to come up with the best technical solution for the problem
  • working with a team on delivering quality code solutions while following good project practices such as writing automated tests and clean architecture to name a few
  • participating in continuous education and training to remain current on best practices, mentoring less experienced colleagues


Required skills:

  • knowledge of OOP in software development
  • knowledge of SQL and RDBMS databases
  • continuous desire to learn and improve
  • basic understanding of front-end web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (to communicate with team members on the front-end)
  • active experience with PHP programming language
  • knowledge of Symfony PHP framework and its components, as well as knowledge of PHP development tools (package managers like Composer) and development of RESTful APIs

Bonus points for:

  • experience with Elasticsearch, Redis, Beanstalkd and JSON:API specification
  • experience with Scrum or some related framework


Additional Information

What do we offer?

  • salary for senior developers in range from 22.000kn (brutto I) upwards
  • structured onboarding and mentorship for new employees
  • education plan based on your competencies
  • high-end equipment
  • friendly, innovative and open-minded culture that actively contributes to dev community with open source projects and hosting meet-ups
  • relaxed atmosphere and flexibile work time with occasional remote work possibilities
  • day off on your birthday :)
  • benefits for young parents (financial support), 2-month paid leave for fathers
  • co-financed Multisport card
  • yearly health checks
  • 2 days quarterly for your sick leave without any documents from your doctor
  • new offices with free coffee and refreshments :)